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It’s incredible how a simple shift in mindset can affect so many different parts of your life. From a simple goal, to the way you look at the world and who you interact with, I’m blown away to read emails like the one below- all the way from Germany no less!

Thanks Ann-Kathrin

“Dear Sebastian,

I know you get tons of emails and you have heard this sentence a thousand times over by now, but “Thank you for your work, your book, your actions and your message!”.

Like many others, I came across 100things through the SMH article a couple of months back. After having read it, I looked up your website and clicked myself from article to video to photo to comment.

I, myself, started writing my bucket list (or my 100things) about 6 years ago. It started out as a simple list of places I wanted to see and adventures I wanted to go on in the future. However, over the years this my list turned into something much more significant. When I stumbled upon your article and read how you had managed to modify the mere concept of wanting to see and do as much as possible into something much more meaningful, I immediately knew that I wanted to join your – well, I am just going to call it – “movement”.

I signed up on your page and especially loved the feature of asking others for help to tick of an item from your list or offering help. I browsed through some lists and eventually found someone whom I thought I could help to tick off an item. A girl was looking for a real pen pal (yes, old-fashioned, handwritten, note paper real). I absolutely love writing and receiving letters and believe it is a pity that this beautiful habit, this so very personal way of sharing experiences and thoughts, is more or less distinct and decided to contact the girl to help her with this item on her list. She replied immediately and we decided to go ahead and try our luck. The first letter she sent me was a small package containing your book. I had told her that, since I live in Germany at the moment, I had not had the chance to read your book yet and she absolutely surprised me by giving her copy to me. I knew that her book had meant and still means a great deal to her, because she read it during a very difficult time in her life and that made her present even more valuable to me. Unfortunately, I have not heard from my pen pal in a few months now, but I still cherish the idea of her being out there somewhere and eventually sending me another letter.

Well, this is just a short episode of what 100things means to me, but it is in a way exemplary for how your story influences the lives of others. You get people to make new friends, step outside their comfort zone, finally pursue something important in their lives, do something for a good cause.

When I started my bucket list, and I was 18 when I did so, people I told about it reacted in a strange way, but mostly they just said “Isn’t that something you do when you know you’re dying? I don’t get it”. I always found that incomprehensible. A list is so much more than just a way of spending your time until you cark. It is a way of focussing your attention on what you really want from live. What you want to do for yourself and for others. And I am glad that I found 100things because I felt that someone (and surprisingly enough, a lot of others) felt the same way. Therefore, I want to thank you for stepping up and telling people about refocussing, sharing and experiencing. For making me feel appreciated in a way and for making it possible to get to know like-minded people from all over the world. That is a fantastic thing to do, Sebastian!

I even added another item to my list, item number 17 “Meet Sebastian Terry and say ‘Thank you!’ in person”. I had juggled with the idea of writing you an email and ask you if you were planning a talk or an activity in Sydney during February, March or April this year, for I will be back in Australia  once again at that time (late February to early April). Now I read that you are indeed planning a talk and hope that by any chance I will get the opportunity to see you and maybe even tick of my item #17…

For now, I am just going to leave it with a virtual “Cheers” but hope to do it in person one of these days.

Keep up your amazing work (the treadmill challenge was splendid!), as I am sure you will! And of course best of luck with your own list. The few items that are left are a real challenge.

My best wishes and till February maybe,



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