Email of the Week- Sally…The Best Version of Yourself

Receiving emails from people globally is something I’m humbled by. Not only are the messages candid and sometimes confronting but so often they hold profound and brilliantly simple messages that I believe could help everyone who reads them.

Today’s email of the week is from a girl named Sally and her concept of helping yourself so that you can help others is a message I strongly believe in.

Thanks Sally for sharing!

“Thankyou for your amazing book. We are around the same age, both from Sydney and I used to have a list. The exhilaration of doing things on my ‘must do’ list was indescribable but unlike your list mine stopped because of the death of a loved one. I haven’t ticked anything off my list since my dad passed in 2010, however after our manager spoke of meeting you at our awards dinner earlier this week, I got my hands on your book and read it in two days. I now have a new perspective on how I should be looking at my list and am going to sit down with pen and paper and work out what will be my next big tick. I know you probably do not read these messages Seb, but just wanted to get my thoughts down and to put a big thankyou out in the universe for the person helping get my priorities straight and for a very long time my biggest priority was finding and being the best version if myself so I can give to others – it’s time to find that Sally ¬†again Xx”

Sally, I read all the messages!!

For all those reading who think they could do with spending a little time focusing on their values and passions, please don’t wait- follow in the footsteps of Sally and treat yourself this weekend. you never know, it could help you and those around you!

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