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A few weeks ago I was at a lunch with a friend of mine Tim. Tim had asked me to speak at an event that he runs called the ‘Conscious Club‘. With the opinion that manly people nowadays go into a pub and partake in activities that have a focus on making us more or less unconscious, Tim’s movement is designed to activate the body and minds of people so that they gain presence of thought and of course ‘consciousness’.

The night as it turned out was just fantastic and with healthy food, a meditation session, an amazing musical guest in Steve Balbi (Noiseworks) and my own talk to close, I have to say that Tim is doing something pretty special with some great outcomes.

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Anyway, back to our lunch meeting and just as we were ordering food one of Tim’s friends by the name of Sarah Wilson unexpectedly turns up. Seemingly flustered with what I at first thought may be work issues, it turns out that Sarah had launched her book I Quit Sugar that day and was actually in the midst of media commitments.

After chatting over the course of our lunch, I felt quite silly that I hadn’t heard of this lady who I learnt was a best-selling author and health food guru known around the world. As I listened, it was hard not to be impressed with what she’d accomplished but the one thing that struck me was how genuine she was in every aspect of her life.

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With plenty of attention coming her way, Sarah is at the forefront of helping people to make positive decisions with their health via their diets and with this status comes a responsibility as well as a duty of care. Sharing with me her backstory, one shadowed by illness and need for change, Sarah’s journey speaks volumes for someone giving themselves permission to identify the life that they want (and need!) to be living, and having the conviction to take the steps needed to achieve this. Nothing after all happens without action and Sarah is a great person to learn off.

Authentic, vulnerable and guided by what feels right, Sarah is someone I clicked with immediately. Not knowing until today that our meeting was one she enjoyed to, I thought I’d post this piece of writing that I drafted the same day as our lunch.

With the world at her feet, it’s always refreshing to meet someone like Sarah. Thanks for being genuine and also for the kind words in your blog !

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