#44- Represent a Country at Something

As you may know, Number 44 on my list is to represent a country at ‘something’. A challenge made even harder by the fact that I’m completely average at everything, I’ve turned to my Mauritian passport (thanks Mum!) as a possible way forward.

Last year I flew to Mauritius with the intention of finding a sport that they played at an international level BUT at a standard that would allow me a sporting chance of making the team. Ambitious thinking I know, but after meeting with the Mauritian Olympic Committee and playing the countries Number 1 ranked Petanque player (who beat me convincingly in a trial game!) the best option seemed to lay with the Mauritian Rugby Union team.

Mauritius- somewhere off the coast of Madagascar

Not having played rugby for 11 years (aside from a brief stint in Switzerland in 2009), the idea of strapping on the boots again seemed exciting and after meeting with the president of the Mauritian rugby team the plan was just that; I would return to Sydney and play rugby with my local team before then flying back again to Mauritius on May 18th to trial for their national team. If all goes well, I’ll make the Mauritian rugby team to play in the African Championships, taking place in Botswana in June!

Unable to find anyone who hasn’t laughed at my plans yet, I leave for Mauritius on Sunday. In my bag are a pair of rugby boots, some training gear and a video camera. I am excited!

That feeling of excitement mixed with anxiousness and nerves is something that I’ve come to love. There was a day many years ago though when as soon as I felt this unknown sensation I would immediately look in the other direction and avoid testing myself. Over time though I have come to see these sensations as crucial and when I land in Mauritius and take the field for what will be a 3-week training squad, I will enjoy every moment of whatever it is that unfolds.

I have trained and prepared as best as I can and in that I know that it’s now time to embrace the things that are out of my control. Having unsuccessfully trailed to for the Australian Dodgeball team and the Mauritian Petanque team among others, the Mauritian rugby trials are the latest in a journey that makes me a better person.

With a positive attitude and a dose of perspective I find that the bigger picture is always the same; if I make the Mauritian rugby team- it will amazing. And if I don’t make the Mauritian rugby team, it will be amazing.

It’s all about the journey.

Wish me luck!

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