Number 44- Represent a Country at Something

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From May 18th to June 25th, 2014,  I ventured to Mauritius armed with my passport and a pair of rugby boots. My goal was simple; to attempt to make the Mauritian national rugby team.

If I made it, I’d be joining the national team in Botswana as they take part in the African Championships.

This is what happened in what must be one of the most incredible experiences of my life!


Video Diary #1- The Arrival

Video Diary #2- It was all going so well…

Video Diary #3- The Lion, the Shave and the Selection!

Video Diary #4- The Jersey Presentation

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Video Diary #5-Game 1 in Botswana

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Video Diary #6- Video Music Clip- ‘Feel So Close’

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Video Diary #7- The Massage and the Zambians

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Video Diary #8- Mauritius- African Champions?!

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Number 44- Represent a Country at Something- TICK!

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