100 Things Hits Europe this September! Join me :)

This is a call-out to anyone in Europe!

As you may or may not know, one of the many unplanned developments of 100 Things is that I now find myself frequently being invited onto stages around the world to share my story and insights into pursuing a life of meaning. Never taking this for granted I can say that not only am I proud at what I’ve created in terms of my keynote but I’ve seen first hand that it has changed lives. What more could I hope for?

Instigating positive change

Instigating positive change

Now of course an awesome perk to these speaking engagement is that on top of spreading a positive message, I get to travel to wide and aired destinations and this September I’ve been invited to speak at an education conference in Prague, Czech Republic- a place I’ve never been. I can’t lie- I’m excited!


Now one of the funny things about these types events is that with all the travel (16,000 kms from Sydney) and time  required to get to the event (24 hours from Sydney!), I’m only needed for an hour! Bearing in mind though that I’m not one to waste an opportunity, I think it makes perfect sense to see if I can somehow arrange a few little 100 Things related events/items whilst in Europe and with this I want to engage with you!


Plan #1) I Want to Help Someone in Need in Europe

Over the last 24 months I’ve started to receive many requests for help. Now I don’t specifically mean people asking me to help with big ticket items from their list (although this happens a lot too), but more so people with a genuine need of assistance with something meaningful that they otherwise couldn’t achieve. With a belief that ultimately there is nothing better than helping others, I’ve found that responding to these emails by doing everything I can to help has resulted in some incredible stories and it’s because of these stories that I now want to do the same in Europe.

My Request: If you (or someone you know) are someone who has a genuine need for help with something that is meaningful to you and you are having problems achieving it, I would love to hear from you via email (seb@100things.com.au) and see whether I can help in any way. It could be anything; small or big, physical or mental. I would like to try and help.

To give you some ideas, below are some video links to some of the great stories of help so far:

Helping a struggling family send their brave autistic twins to their school formal 

- Helping a young girl with un undiagnosed medical condition meet Taylor Swift (Watch from 2:13 minutes onwards)

- Helping a quadriplegic man achieve his dream of completing a half marathon 

Now of course I would like to help everyone but I should also say at this stage that a lot of what is possible will be determined by practicality of my stay from September 12th-24th. I will though respond to everyone who writes.

Please get in touch or share this post.


Plan #2) Join me as I Attempt to Tick Number 81 from my list- Make a London Guard Laugh..

Now this item is just ridiculous- I know, but please hear me out!

As a young boy following my Dad’s work around the world, I remember once being at Buckingham Palace in London watching the Beefeaters (the London Guards) ceremoniously patrol the grounds within. Seeming to me to be extremely serious-looking, my Dad told me that part of their role was that they are not allowed to show any emotion, even happiness through laughter. This I immediately saw a challenge but it wasn’t until I made my list that I remembered it. There is no better feeling than when a funny joke (or something completely unrelated) makes you lose all control of seriousness and I’m convinced that anyone, even London Guards, when presented with the right stimulus would be unable to not laugh if they found it funny. The key to me therefore is finding their funny side.

Knock knock?

Knock knock?

My Request: My plan is to be in London from around September 12th and in this time I’ll attempt this challenge. If you would like to join me on the day, share a joke that you think will work, suggest a costume or another creative means that might trigger laughter, I’d love to hear from you on seb@100things.com.au!


Plan #3- I’d Love to Talk to Another Group in Europe!

The opportunity to speak to thousands of people in Prague is amazing but seeing as I am over in Europe, it would seem a shame not to speak to another group i.e more people; be it a school, university, company or non-for-profit.

Again, if you think you know of a suitable group that would benefit from hearing my 100 Things keynote presentation or workshop. I’d love to hear from you.

If you’re interested please email me on seb@100things.com.au or have a quick look at my SPEAKING PAGE.


OK, i’ll leave it there for now, but I look forward to hearing from you!

Seb… 100 Things… What’s on your list? 



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