100 Things International Group Trips- 2015

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Mount Kilimanjaro – Antarctica – Volunteering in Cambodia – Indian Health & Wellbeing Retreat

Off the back of 2 hugely successful 100 Things International Group Trips in 2013 and 2014 (The Kokoda Trek and the Inca Trail/Machu Picchu, accordingly), I’m over the moon to announce the next four 100 Things International Group Trips for 2015.

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In it’s purest form I believe that once a goal is identified, the key to achieving it is creating and/or recognising an opportunity before then pulling the trigger and committing. This is the philosophy and driving force behind each of the 100 Things International Group Trips.- it’s an opportunity for people to actualise their dreams and grow.

Leading each group myself alongside experienced experts, one of the most fascinating parts of each trip is how each person has benefited and grown in ways completely unexpected. From those looking to challenge themselves, to others looking to travel with like-minded people, our trips starts out with strangers but ends with everyone arm in arm. It’s this personal development that occurs so naturally that I believe makes these 100 Things International Group Trips so special.

So without further a due, here are the four 100 Things International Group Trips scheduled for 2015. If you are interested to find our more information, click on the appropriate link for itineraries, costs, dates and info on how to confirm your spot. If you’re then compelled to put your name down, please do so ASAP.

1) 100 Things Mount Kilimanjaro ChallengeSeptember 5th-13th, 2015 


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To hike Kilimanjaro is to conquer the highest peak in Africa. Travel up the mighty Mt Kilimanjaro as part of the 100 Things Kilimanjaro Team and in the process lend a hand to a special community group in need.

This classic Tanzania trek is the most popular route to Mt Kilimanjaro and the only one serviced by mountain huts to provide protection from the elements. We hike along the most direct path to the summit of Kilimanjaro and cover the trail in just five days, with the help of experienced guides and porters. Hike through forests and alpine meadows, over rocky ravines and past lunar landscapes to the spectacular summit of Africa’s highest peak. The panoramic views from the top of Mt Kilimanjaro must be seen to be believed.

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2) 100 Things Cambodian Volunteering TripNovember 7th-14th, 2015 


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If there’s one thing that 100 Things journey has uncovered for Seb, it’s the beauty of giving back by helping others. Join Seb in Cambodia as we align ourselves with the amazing international development agency, CUFA, in the quest to give back to those in need.  Based in the natural beauty of Cambodia, this trip will allow you to help the poorest of the poor children and struggling adults alike in what will be an eye opening and very ‘hands-on’ experience not to forget.

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3) 100 Things Antarctica Adventure: December 4th-14th, 2015 (Unlimited Spots)

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Join Seb and your 100 Things Antarctica Explorer Group, offering the perfect chance to discover the best of the Antarctic Peninsula, the last continent’s most northern region. Surrounded by icebergs, wildlife and like-minded people, we’ll, explore the Antarctic coastline by sea and land! From sitting amongst penguin colonies, tracking Minke Whales in Zodiacs and scrambling up snowy pathways to 360 degree vantage points, there’s even the chance to take a dip in the icy “Polar Plunge’. Accompanied by Seb’s 100 Things presentation aboard our trusty ship, this trip is a unique and mind-blowing opportunity to experience the iconic sights that make this one of the world’s most pristine, exotic and unforgettable natural environments

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Special Mention: The Antarctica Trip offers a big discount if you’re able to pay the deposit before November 13th, 2014 (i.e 2 weeks). Although late notice, this discount is significant and well worth consideration. You are of course able to make deposit payment after this date but no discount will apply.


4) 100 Things Indian Health & Well Being Retreat: Date: March 7th-18th, 2015


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An Indian odyssey to fuel the mind, body and soul.

From the Taj Mahal to Rishikesh, this trip offers it all. Join us for 5 days in an Ayurvedic Clinic located in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas where yoga, meditation and dips in the Ganges start each morning. With day activities including treks in the mountains, white water rafting and of course a day of ‘giving back’ as we lend a hand at a school orphanage, this trip is one of complete growth and connection with ourselves and others.

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So there you have it; 2015 promises to be an epic year of adventure and achievement! If of course you have any general queries, please email us on seb@100things.com.au and if you’d like to see another trip on offer for the next round, please let me know.

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