Merry Christmas and Thanks for your Support!

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With most people wrapping up for the end of the year, I thought I’d take a moment to wish everyone an awesome festive season and also to say thanks for all of your support for 100 Things this year.

2014 has been another incredible year of growth for this journey and I sit here typing this with a big smile on my face, humbled by the fact that the movement of 100 Things has far outgrown my own story and now helps people globally.

To sit back and reflect on the year is something I’m only starting to do today (it’s been a busy year!) and it’s amazing to think how much has happened. Some highlights include:

Ticking off Number 48- Act in a Play- Never did I think that Cirque du Soleil would invite me to perform in the Las Vegas ZUMANITY show!

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Ticking off Number 44- Represent a Country at Something- Travelling to Mauritius armed with a passport and a pair of rugby boots led to me and the Mauritian National Rugby Team winning the African Championships in Botswana.

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Raising $90,000 for Alzheimers Australia felt amazing. Walking on a treadmill for 24 hours in order to achieve this, did not!

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Having my 100 Things keynote presentation recognised overseas and being invited to share my story and motivate people from Prague and London to America and South East Asia showed me that regardless of location, people everywhere strive to lead a life of purpose.

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Running my first 3-day 100 Things Personal Growth Workshop ended with incredible results for all involved.

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Trekking the Inca Trail with 16 strangers (and now good friends!) from the 100 Things community and reaching the summit of Machu Picchu as part of the second International Group Trip is something that was so incredible that it has inspired another 4 trips for 2015.

We made it- Machu Picchu!

We made it- Machu Picchu!


From a journey that started as a very personal endeavour of my own to find some meaning and happiness in life, it became very clear quite quickly that 100 Things was somehow resonating and helping others in meaningful ways as well. At first i has to be said that this was completely accidental but now i’m proud to say that it drives what I do and is aping the future of 100 Things. In my eyes, the concept of helping others is as simple as it is fundamental to leading a fulfilling life and so i’m so proud to say that 2015 will see the launch of a new site that focuses on connecting people in NEED of help to those who WANT to help.


With this in mind, it seems so fitting that the last 2 stories of 100 Things for the year focus on helping others. The first is about a dog called Parker and the second is about helping a homeless community in Sydney.

Parker is a dog who last week was brought to my attention by a girl called Pascale. A stray dog given 24 hours before being put down, his only hope was that someone adopted him. What happened in the next few days was just awesome. Here’s a video of what just happened.

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When I ticked off Number 62- Live on the Streets, some eighteen months ago, I remember lining up for food one evening at a drop-in centre called Rough Edges. That night, I was fed, looked after and introduced to some amazing people, all of whom were marginalised or homeless. Not only this but I also got to meet the inspiring staff and volunteers from Rough Edges who focus on helping others daily. Fast forward to last week and I was approached by the folks at Rough Edges asking for some help. Just 1 week out from their Xmas party (tonight!) where they feed, mingle and party with all of their clients, they told me that their crop of volunteers had fallen though at the last minute and so they desperately needed 25 new volunteers to fill their spots. Not knowing where to start looking at such a busy time of year, they asked me if I could help. Always wanting to return the favour of them feeding me on that cold winters night last year, I immediately said YES and quickly asked the 100 Things community if anyone would be interested in joining me as a volunteer. Within 12 hours I had over 50 offers from friends and stranger alike.

I’m over the moon to announce that as as a result, 25 of us are tonight heading down to Rough Edges to serve food, mingle and party with all of the amazing people from the marginalised community. I can’t wait!

If you’d like to see some pics of the night, i’ll be posting photos on Twitter (@Seb100Things), Instagram (@Seb100Things) and the 100 Things Facebook page.


For all of the things that have happened this year in the world of 100 Things this year, I wanted to thank YOU, the people that contribute so much towards this movement growing. I’m so happy to have been the spark to what was at first my own journey, but this now OUR journey and it burns brightly. It’s no longer just about the TICKS but something deeper. It’s about creating positivity for yourself and others.


I won’t get too emotional (i’ll leave that for next week’s email!) but for now I wish you all a fantastic holiday season.



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