100 Things & Make-A-Wish Unite!

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It’s amazing to see just how positive a role 100 Things now plays in promoting and engaging support for charitable causes and so it’s with a big smile that I can now announce the next development of this charitable arm. I have just been invited to become an ambassador the Make-A-Wish foundation!

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I couldn’t be prouder.

Sharing the belief that one of the most valuable things we can do as people is to help someone in need, I have proudly jumped on board with this selfless organisation who make it their business to help give hope, strength and joy to seriously ill children by helping to grant them their cherished wish.

Not only this, but of course I will now endeavour to raise $100,000 for these guys so that together we can help make a difference to as many people as possible.

Funnily enough, I actually have no idea what being an ‘ambassador’ actually means (I didn’t tell them this obviously!) and neither do I know how I’ll go about raising this large amount of money but one thing I’ve learnt is that no matter what goals we have in life, the key is realising that we don’t have to know the mechanics of HOW something will work, but rather understand WHY it has to. This will work because I believe helping others in need is what we’re all here to do.

In fact if you’re reading this and you have any skills in events or fund-raising (or even just have an quirky fundraising idea) I’m all ears!

As a little insight into the sort of stories that I’ll be prioritising as an ambassador, here’s what happened when Make-A-Wish Australia and myself found out about a brave boy named James who against the odds identified a dream.


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We all have dreams and we are equally all able to help. It’s a beautiful thing when this all comes together.

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100 Things… What’s on your list?

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