$10,000 to Make-A-Wish Donation & an Awesome Brand Relationship 

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The Background:

You may have noticed that the last few spots on my own list of 100 Things are labelled as ‘For Sale on Behalf of Chosen Charity’.

The idea here is that YOU can actually decide what this blank spot on my list becomes by making a generous donation to my chosen charity, which currently is Make-A-Wish Australia (I’m currently trying to raise $100,000 for this awesome organisation!)

Latest Donation:

To date I’ve had some amazingly generous souls donate plenty of money with each person simply choosing to help volunteer with me at various organisations, and today I am super proud to announce that another of these blank spots on my list has been bought for a whopping $10,000!

So who has donated this huge amount? Well as opposed to an individual donating, for the first time the donor comes by way of a corporate partner; HTC, the mobile tech and smart phone company.

What Did HTC Choose to Add to My List:

Having had some chats lately with some of the big wigs at HTC, it turns out that they are about to embark on a pretty selfless quest of trying to inspire as many people as they can to identify and pursue their dreams via the One Day I Will site.

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With their main focus being on helping others achieve their goals, they have decided to title their purchased spot on my list as:

Number 94- Inspire as many people as possible to pursue their One Day dream.

The ‘One Day I Will’ tag line leads this latest project and when I heard about what they were up to, I knew that I wanted to help. After all, I’ve found that my own journey has developed into one of helping others.

With that said I’ve agreed to come on board as the HTC Brand Ambassador alongside Australian radio due Hamish & Andy who are also part of the line up and have a big one day I will they have undertaken!

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Click HERE to view my interview with HTC about the importance of setting goals

One Day I Will:

HTC as a brand is all about brilliance and with this awesome One Day I Will project, they want to try to inspire people to lead brilliant lifestyles.

I’ve always said that the first step in leading a fulfilling life is by giving yourself permission to consider and then pursue your most cherished goals and the HTC One Day website allows you to do just that; share your one most cherished goal.

By sharing, you actually go into the running to win weekly HTC prizes as well as a grand prize of $25,000 to help one lucky person achieve their One Day I Will dream!

So with $10,000 being donated to Make-A-Wish Australia and a new item in #94-Inspire as many people as possible to pursue their One Day dream, I want to ask you what is your One Day I Will?

Give yourself a moment to consider and when you have I urge you to go to htcOneDay.com and share it!

It could be the beginning of a beautiful journey!

I’ll be keeping you updated with the progress of the this project in the coming weeks.

Of course if you haven’t yet subscribed the 100 Things Newsletter for all the latest updates of the journey, including the One Day I Will project, click HERE.

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And if you’d like to donate to the incredible Make-A-Wish Australia, please click HERE.


Seb :)

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