100 Things: The Reality Show Helping People

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In case of emergency, oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling. Please put yours on first before helping others.

This may sound strange at first, but I’ve come to learn that in order to help other as best as possible it’s crucial you look after yourself first. My belief is that without solid foundation or sense of purpose, we can only offer a very limited version of ourselves to others and that’s why  chasing your own goals and dreams (no matter what they are!) is not only crucial for your own wellbeing, but eventually crucial for your ability to help others.

I didn’t know this when I left on my journey of 100 Things six years ago but there came a point very naturally for me when after focusing on a list revolving only around my own hopes and dreams, I met a man called Mark who asked me for help. You may know the story already but after being bitten by a tick in his early thirties, Mark contracted a rare form of Lymes disease that rendered him a quadraplegic within 12 months. A crushing change to his life, Mark reached out to me one day and asked whether I’d consider helping him tick the first item from his list; to shave his head. Of course I said YES and unexpectedly this led to a friendship that saw me and a group of complete strangers help Mark achieve another of his dreams; complete a half marathon, when we pushed him for the entire race.

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This was the proudest moment of my life and was the start of me realising how incredibly important, yet so simple, it is to not just look after yourself, but others too.

100 Things for a long time now has not been about one man’s list, but instead about starting a movement that encourages people to help one another.


Why Am I Telling You This?

The prospect of a show based on 100 Things has been something that’s popped it’s head up a few times over the years. After the success of my Discovery Channel documentary (100 Things To Do Before You Die) there was plenty of talk about a show that followed me around as I ticked more items from my list but this wasn’t what I wanted. Instead I dreamt of a show that shone a light on the unbelievable power of helping people like in the case of Mark. We all have the innate ability and desire to help someone but the key is finding the right opportunity. A show about helping people would highlight this and hopefully change the way we interact with those around us whether they be friends or even strangers.

Well today I get to announce that after a few chance encounters with some influential production companies in America, this dream is now a reality! I have just signed on to create my dream show which will be called ‘100 Things’.

100 Things will follow me around the world as I help people and communities realised and achieve their dreams. The show has nothing to do with my own list but instead the idea of connecting people to help one another.

I am over the moon!


Would You Like To Be Part of the Show?

Over the years I’ve been contacted by many people sharing with me there stories and their need of help. The variety of dreams has been incredible as has been the reasons why people need help.

From people needing help due to sickness, lack of confidence, poverty, loneliness, fear to name a few, I’ve fortunate to be able to help on many occasions. The goals are sometimes simple and quick while others are complicated and vast but at the end of the day they all end with a sense of accomplishment when reached.

It’s the stories that deal with a meaningful goal (no matter what it is!) that needs a genuine helping hand that move me the most and it’s these types of stories that we’re looking for to feature in the 100 Things show. So with that being said I am asking you to reach out and let me know if you or someone you know has a unaccomplished dream that could do with a helping hand.

It could be anything and we are going to look at everything we are sent.

If you think that this could be for you, please email in confidentiality casting@100things.com.au

I’ll keep you posted with all the developments as they happen but until then I look forward to hearing from you!

100 Things… What’s on your list?

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