Today We Climb Mount Kilimanjaro!

I write this from a small called town called Maragnu nestled quietly at the base of the ever-impressive Mount Kilimanjaro that towers over us and the surrounding African plains from high above the clouds. Today the fourth 100 Things International Group Trip begins as 17 of us take our first steps on to the mountain, hoping to scale and reach its 5,895 metre peak by day break on Thursday. This is going to be one epic challenge.

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 2.46.26 pm

With group members hailing from Canada, Mauritius, England and of course Australia, the journey ahead will be one none of us will forget and as with all of the other trips that we’ve done so far (Kokoda Trek, Inca Trail and an Indian spiritual retreat) it will be the steps taken in between the first and last that will define our experience.

Screen Shot 2015-09-06 at 3.12.38 pm

Pre-climb snap with Mt Kilimanjaro behind covered in cloud

With temperature expected to drop to minus 25 degrees at the summit and a final ascent taking place in the middle night as we battle altitude sickness and fatigue, I have no doubt it will make us all better people and leave us all closest of friends.

I’ll be out of contact all week (I don’t think they have internet cafes on the way up!) but I’ll let you know how we all went when we get back down by the week’s end.


HTC ‘One Day I Will’

Recently you may recall that HTC, the smartphone company, donated $10,000 towards Make-A-Wish Australia who I am aiming to raise $100,000 for. In doing so, they asked me if I’d like to become an ambassador for their current ‘One Day’ project that aims to encourage people to share their #OneDayIWIll goals and follow the dreams. With a shared mindset of wanting to help others, I said yes immediately and the story so far has been great.

Looking at the site, it’s been awesome to see the uptake and variety of goals and as the ambassador for their project I urge you to take a look at others #OneDay goals and even share your own there. There’s actually a $25,000 grand prize drawn at the end of October to help one lucky person with their goal, so if you’re feeling lucky make sure you enter.

Screen Shot 2015-08-13 at 11.31.05 am

Variety of Goals

The concept of making a list is of course a very relative concept and so where as for someone their goals might revolve around the sense of adventure or liberation, for someone else goals may focus more on financial stability or family. There is no right or wrong, as long as you’re channelling your values as you create your list.

This can be seen brilliantly through Here’s some awesome goals that I hand picked from looking through the lists so far:

  • Federiko B One Day wants to complete in the Red Bull Parkour Games in Greece
  • Alan G One Day wants to go to the edge of a volcano
  • Meg A One Day wants to tell her husband that she really did crash his car and it wasn’t someone who ran into her
  • Troy S One Day wants to swim with crocodies
  • Jessica P One Day wants to win a Tony award
  • Chris Z One Day wants to build an app that helps against domestic violence
  • Ben T One Day wants to row from Peru to Sydney to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis
  • Nicole G One Day wants to help her 12yr old son Scott raise $100,000 for sick kids (he’s already at $70,000!)
  • Jordan G One Day wants to help his Dad restore his old car
  • Alison V One Day wants to dress as a mermaid, go to kids parties and ride on public transport

See what I mean!? We’re all different and the beauty is realising and identifying how.

So with that said, it’s time for us to go and pack our bags for the hike so wish us luck and as always if you haven’t yet taken the time to think about you own list, please ask your self this one simple question;

What’s on your list?

Sebastian :)

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