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Online modules launching mid-2017

Stemming from the popular 100 Things Workshop, facilitated in Australia by Sebastian Terry, we are now developing an online program designed specifically so that anyone, anywhere, can start the journey of identifying values, creating a meaningful list and empowering themselves with the tools to help achieve their dreams.

If you are interested in finding out more and being one of the first people to take the online journey, please email us on admin@100things.com.au and we’ll keep you personally updated on the launch date, scheduled for mid 2017.


How the Workshop Developed…

“It was clear to me years ago that outside of one 60-minute talk, a lot of people wanted to know how to apply my messaging to their own lives. After speaking to these people individually over the years it seemed that their concerns could be put into a few different baskets;

* I’m looking for something else in life but I don’t know how to start

* I know what I want to do but I have no idea how to take the first step

* I feel like something’s stopping me but I’m not sure what

* I’ve experienced a form of adversity/hardship and i’m trying to overcome it

* I feel I need to find purpose and meaning

* I think i’m on the right track but I want to make sure”

Based on these common concerns and worries, the 100 Things workshop was created to take participants through the same journey of self development and discovery as Sebastian experienced through 100 Things.

Having run several of these workshops to date for the public, businesses and universities, we’ve been blown away with the results. From people re-establishing their values, strength and beliefs, to incredible goals being reached that have seen both tangible and intangible outcomes, lives have been changed.

Whether it’s for personal change, professional consideration or community driven reasons, the workshop allows perspective, imparts practical tools and creates a start-point for anyone thinking about what’s next and wanting to action positive change.

Topics Include:

* Benefiting from change,

* Creating and responding to opportunity,

* Identifying values and creating a meaningful list,

* Overcoming fears & excuses,

* Building Resilience,

* Capitalising on strengths,

* The process of achieving,

* How to pull the trigger and take action

* Maintaining Drive

* Finding balance

* Intention V spontaneity

* How to develop meaning in all aspects of you life

* How to help others

A combination of workbook exercises and real-life challenges, the 100 Things workshop is unique, powerful and long-lasting.

If you are interested in receiving more information please email us on admin@100things.com.au

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