100 Things Reality Show- That’s a Wrap

If you didn’t know already, mid-last year I was approached by a US-based production company to make a show called 100 Things. The show would be a reality style program following me around the world as I helped people tick specific items from their list.

Of course I said YES!

Now, some nine months on and having shot in the USA, Belgium, France, Germany and Spain, I can announce that we’ve now shot all 26 episodes- and i’m so stoked!

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Click on image to watch the Trailer for 100 Things

Looking back at what was one of the craziest road trip of my life I actually find it hard to explain what it was like, but one thing I know is that of a crew of dozen people travelling the globe together we all left smiling and each of us extremely proud. Of course I end up trying all an array of activities alongside each person that we help and as normal I end up playing the role of clown more often than not!

Each episode is of course very different and so from items that tested physical limits to episodes that drew on emotional back stories there’s a unique blend that I think will appeal to everyone. With three episodes having been released in the States already, things are about to get exciting.

Acting as a ‘host’, for want of a better word, I had a steep learning curve but thankfully it was one I took to really well (unless they were just telling me that to keep me happy?). Having said that, my only instruction was ‘Just be you’ so that I knew I could do- I do it everyday.

Outside of shooting each episode, one of the best things on a personal level was to make such good friends and it would be rude of me not to thank everyone for their amazing support and leadership to bring this to life. A special thanks goes out to Jared and Chris, the two executive producers who you’ll be hearing more about in time. I actually just found out that with all the team including those who are working in LA on editing, arranging etc, a total of 55 people have worked in this 100 Things show! I can’t help but laugh at the situation I find  myself in considering this all started with just me and cheap little camera.

Now unfortunately for everyone in Australia (including me!), we won’t be able to view the show for 12 months as it’s been sold exclusively to a new online platform called Go90 in the States but I can share with you the first episode!

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Click on image to watch Episode 1: Breaking the Ice

If you are of course in the US, you can download Go 90 from the app store and watch each episode as they’re released fortnightly for the next 12 months.

Using the hashtag #whatsonyourlist we’re all extremely proud of what we’ve created and now we’ll just wait and see how the show is received. I have a good little feeling about this.

p.s. If you’re wondering if there was a wrap-party, well yes, there was! It took place in Madrid and let’s just say that after a few local beers, some wine, champagne and a cigar, an otherwise quiet karaoke club was inhabited by our team until the early hours of the morning.

When it was time to finally say our goodbyes, there were also plenty of tears.

An experience I’ll never forget and will always appreciate.

100 Things… #whatsonyourlist


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