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One of the first people I ever helped achieve a dream from their list was a man called Mark who although a quadriplegic, dreamed of completing a half marathon. It was one of the best moments of my life pushing him across the finish line in his wheelchair and one of the best parts was that I was joined by a group of complete strangers to help push him too!

Mark now needs our help again.

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Mark was completely able-bodied until the age of 30 when whilst backpacking through Greece he was bitten by a tick and instantly contracted Lymes Disease. As a result, Mark lost his ability to move as well as his ability to speak. Mark now needs a 24 hour care team and sleeps connected to a ventilator that keeps him alive at night. Needless to say Mark has been through a lot but still fights on courageously.

I’m proud to say that Mark and I have remained good friends and when in Melbourne I try and visit him as often as possible. Living in a care facility with next to no freedom, I spoke with Mark recently and told me that he was ready to achieve his next dream. I asked what and he simply said;

“My Freedom Van!”

The Freedom Van is Mark’s way out. It’s a van that will allow him to travel with mobile medical care for his high needs. The only things bigger than Mark’s physical hurdles are his imagination and drive and I for one am inspired to help.

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As a good friend of Mark’s I’m also asking whether you’d like to as well.

The Freedom Van will cost $40,000 and full details of Mark’s campaign can be seen on his page HERE.

So far he’s raised almost $5,000 and I’m positive that with the right support we’ll be able to get across the line.

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If you’d like to help all the donation details can be found on his PAGE and if you’d like to contact me or him directly please do so via


I think we all have the ability and desire to help people in need but sometimes we just don’t know how to find them. Well here is an opportunity that I really hope we can make work.

Well done Mark for being brave enough to ask for help and thanks in advance to those who are able to help.

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