Yesterday I received a message from a bloke called Adam that stopped me in my tracks. His message was about his auntie, Helen- he wanted to help her.

Helen is a courageous 55 year old lady who after battling Chrones disease since the age of 19 was more recently diagnosed with Bowel Cancer.

Helen’s ongoing struggle is only matched by her persistent bravery but after receiving treatment for her cancer for the last two and half years, she has been told this week that there is nothing more that can be done for her.With the sobering news that she probably only has around 6 months left, last weekend she threw a party for her family so that they could all be together one last time.

Adam’s message then read:

“So I was talking to her about life and it turns out that she’s always dreamt of seeing snow in real life but has never done it! I want to try and help her achieve this goal and so I thought I’d reach out to you.”

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Helen & husband Michael

Sometimes in my life something is put in front of me that makes everything else seem unimportant and so I called up Adam to tell him I was going to help!

After chatting for ten minutes, Adam gave me Helen’s number and immediately I called her up to say hello and send some positive energy.

As it happened, Helen is one of the most bubbly and optimistic people you’re likely to meet. After telling me the sad details of her growing tumour and her life long battle with Chrones, she then told me in no uncertain way that even though doctors have stopped her chemo treatment she is going to prove them all wrong with her mindset!

“It’s made me appreciate life”

Helen is awesome!

I then asked her about her dream and she replied;

“Well I’ve just always wanted to go and play in the snow. I’ve never seen snow and I want to know what it feels like in real life ! My dream is for me and my husband to visit snow for just a few days and I’ve also always wanted to drink Schnapps in the snow too. I just want to be a snow bunny!”

Speaking to someone like Helen always makes me smile. To see someone turn a dark situation into an opportunity to pursue something as bright as chasing a dream is inspiring and I feel so fortunate to be in a position where I can help.

So…… I’m going to help Helen and I’m wondering whether you’d like to help, too?!


Essentially I think Helen deserves to live out her dream of being a snow bunny and so I think arranging a romantic little snow getaway for her and husband would be incredible.

The Basics:

International travel for Helen is tricky and so I am looking to send Helen and her husband from their home on the Gold Coast to either Perisher or Thredbo. This will requires some flights and potentially a hire car.

Once there Helen’s one goal is to be able to play in the snow. Skiing is not crucial.

We’re going to need accommodation for 2 nights somewhere and of course a bottle of Schnapps is crucial!


Well outside of the above basics, I’m sure we can add on some little surprises too so if you have any thoughts, ideas please let me know on seb@100things.com.au

I’ve helped many people achieve goals before and it’s this act of helping that makes us all better people. If you have any contacts, ideas or other means that would help Project Snowbunny, please let me know.

I’ve also set up a GoFunMe account where I’m trying to raise $3000 to help Helen’s dream come true. Any help is appreciated :) Thanks!



Please contact me personally on seb@100things.com.au

I have a feeling that this is going to be quite special!

Helen by the way doesn’t know that I’m reaching out to my community and isn’t expecting anything other than well wishes, so if you’re unable to help with any of the above please just send some good energy her way!

Feel free to share this post too.

Thanks in advance and i’ll keep you posted!

Seb :)

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