Helen’s Final Wish Success: Who’s Next?

Update: Operation Snow Bunny
We Did It!

This is why I do what I do.

Just 7 days after hearing the story of a stranger named Helen (here’s the backstory) and her final wish of wanting to touch snow in real life, the 100 Things community has come together and I’m so proud to say that we’ve managed to arrange the ultimate snow getaway fro Helen and her husband. 

With doctors telling Helen that there is nothing more that they can do to treat her cancer, I was fortunate enough to call Helen last Friday with some good news! In 1 week, complete strangers from the 100 Things community have raised over $3,500 cash as well as donating flights, accommodation, transport and everything in between.

Helen’s Official Letter

Helen’s trip will take place over the June 25th weekend and will see her and Michael (her husband) drop into Sydney for one night of pampering before being flown to Thredbo so that Helen can finally touch snow in real life. Just quietly she also shared her dream of wanting o drink Schnapps in the snow and so we’ve also been able to arrange that!

I will update you all with some photos of Helen achieving her dream later this month but for now I wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who contributed in some way, shape or form. If you donated money, a service or even just shared the campaign which I started last week- thanks! To those who simply just smiled when they read this- thanks to you too.

100 Things is a community of good people helping one another and fittingly in a week that see us celeberate 7 years since I started this journey, yet again i’m filled with a sense of optimism that the world is full of amazing people.

Who Can we Help Next?
The obvious question…

Of course with the release of the 100 Things TV show in the US that sees me helping strangers throughout the US & Europe achieve their dreams, it’s no secret that 100 Things is all about helping people help people. As such after Helen’s amazing story I think it makes complete sense to find someone else who we can help!

It’s clear that we all want to help (I had to turn the donation page off after people kept donating to Helen after we’d already reached our target!) so this story is about shining a light on others who need help so that we can do what we’ve all been put here to do- HELP ONE ANOTHER.


So if you (or someone you know!) has a dream that you need a helping hand with, please email us on:


The dream could be absolutely anything, anywhere with anyone- the only pre-requisite is that the individual/group genuinely needs help. 

Over the years I’ve helped people who are remote, struggling with life or even needing to be re-inspired, and in every instance the story when shared is one that makes everyone smile.

As always thanks for your support and I look forward to sharing with you who it is that we help next. Hopefully you’ll be able to assist.

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