100 Things Turns 7 Years Old- Growth?

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Last week I delivered my keynote presentation to a group of university students in Sydney, Australia. Sharing with them stories and messages that I’m fortunate enough to share on stages around the world, we ended the evening with a Q&A session.

When I do a Q&A I typically get these questions first;

‘What’s your favourite thing that you’ve done?’, ’What are you going to do when you finish all 100 Things?’, and ‘How do you afford to do what you do?’. This Q&A was no different but after answering these initial questions in order it was the next comment that caught my attention;

“Why is it important for us to grow as people?”

I’d never been asked this.

During my presentation I talk about the concept of growth and ways in which I believe we’re able to do so (a conversation for another time) but it was the WHY part of the question that excited me.

Why is it that we need to grow?

On a day that recognises growth in a numerical way (Happy 7th birthday 100 Things!), I think this question offers a refreshing opportunity to look beyond the blowing out of candles on a cake.

Growth goes deeper than tangible concepts calibrated by milestones such as birthday cards and height, growth is an ever changing yard stick on how we relate the world.


Firstly; I’d hate it if this was it. Waking up today knowing that I’m as developed as I’ll ever be is a concept that scares me. I’ll probably be around for another 56 years (a fortune teller once told me I’d die at 91 years old!) and I’d like to think I’ll have more to share at that point than what I do now.

From growth comes a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. From understanding comes a platform to form progressive thoughts and ideas, shaping ambition and feeding our innate desire to explore. Add to the above a decision to take action and growth ultimately equals change.

Without change in a fast moving environment, we get left behind, living in caves. Growth therefore is important not just to ourselves but to those around us. It’s what allows mankind to progress.

Seven years ago I left Australia with my list of 100 things on a personal journey which I hoped would simply make me happier. In that time 100 Things has organically developed into a movement that engages people around the world to consider and chase their dreams. Somehow this message has transcended an online audience and has been found in books and on television screens around the world (G’day everyone in the USA, I hope you’re enjoying my show!) with the result leaving many more people than just myself smiling.

Through observing first my own emotions and learnings and then acknowledging those of others I’ve been able to twist and turn at will, using my strengths and naivety to allow this story to grow as needed in an ever changing environment.

Over the last few years I’ve received emails from many people around the globe telling me that 100 Things has in fact saved their lives. It’s a far cry from me marrying a stranger in Vegas (#2 on the list). This, I’m proudly sharing with you today, makes me feel like growth has definitely taken place and my word does it feel good.

On the constantly morphing wave of life, growth gives us speed and manoeuvrability so we can navigate and enjoy it. Ultimately it’s a choice, but it’s days like today that remind me that growth should not be seen as an option but rather a duty.


I owe it to me.

I owe it to you.

We owe it to each other.


A friend told me recently that every 7 years our physical body completes a cycle of regeneration, so on a day that celebrates not just the 7th birthday of 100 Things but also my own 35th birthday, I guess my body should be freshly upgraded. Hopefully that’s not the only way I grow today.

This constant challenge intrigues me.

So how do we grow? Well let’s discuss this soon but simply considering the concept is a good start. What could you do today that will leave you a better person tomorrow?

What’s on your list?

Let’s help each other grow…

Thanks so much for all your support and energy over the last few years.

Sebastian :)

100 Things… What’s on your list?

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