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Last month the story of ‘Operation Snow Bunny’ went viral. For those who missed it, the 100 Things community rallied together to help a cancer patient named Helen achieve her final wish of touching snow for the first time. After an outpouring of donations and offers of help we arranged Helen’s dream trip and surprised her with the gift only to be dealt the news that she had lost her battle with her illness just days before she was set to leave. Incredibly though before Helen’s passing, she selflessly requested that the money raised for her be passed onto someone else in need so that they could achieve a dream. This incredible gesture prompted me to start searching for someone else to help and this week I can finally announce that we have found a deserving man named Ken.

Operation One-Eyed Essendon Supporter:

Ken’s daughter-in-law Vanessa initially reached out and shared the story of Ken who approaching his 70th birthday was diagnosed with late stage cancer and given 3-6 months to live. On a day of such drama Ken also found out that his 95 year old Mum had passed away. Needless to say these events have been life changing.

After calling Vanessa up and chatting to her at length, I learnt that in a time where the entire family are now bracing for the worst, Ken has taken the time to identify his one last wish on earth; to meet the players and coach from the Essendon Football Club.

A ‘one-eyed supporter’ from a young age, Ken has never met the players and with such a sad turn of affairs in his own life it made complete sense to help.

After a phone call to Michael, Helen’s husband, and some amazing support from the 100 Things community, would you believe that with in a few days we managed to arrange Ken’s final wish…. and a little bit more.

Last week Ken and his daughter-in-law Vanessa were personally invited by Essendon Head Coach John Worsfold to meet the entire team at Friday’s final training session before then being included as VIP guests to Essendon’s Presidents Lunch at the final game of the season at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. From the VIP box Ken had the best seat in the house and was sat at a table with Essendon greats. Preparing for the day Ken told me that he knows this will be the last game that he will ever see.

This story is something that I couldn’t be more excited about and it turns out that I’m not the only one. Today Tonight, the Australian prime time show caught wind of what the 100 Things community have been doing and they approached me to follow and share the story. Ken’s last wish and Essendon game was broadcast nationally.

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It’s moments like these that make me realise how special life is. I’m not sure what the purpose of life is exactly but I do know that when it comes to our final moments on the planet it would be nice to be able to look back and smile in knowledge that we tried to be the best version of ourselves at every opportunity, striving for whatever it is that we each find important. This journey has shown me also that we are not alone in this journey but in fact are surrounded by people who all internally want to hep each other out. The key to this though is being able to identify our goals in the first place.

What are yours? What’s on your list?

Ken you are an inspiration and thank you to all involved in the creation of this experience!

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