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“Thank you everyone, in 100 Things for your loving kindness and generously. I’ll remember this for as long as I last and beyond” – Pam

The message was sent to me from a lady named Pam who is at this very moment living out her dream of skiing one final time. How did this come about? Well I’m incredibly proud to say that again it came from the generosity and support of complete strangers within the 100 Things community who responded to a plea I made on Pam’s behalf through print and TV interviews that I gave last month.

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After years of enduring potentially life ending illnesses, Pam has thankfully enjoyed a successful remission this year yet without family or close friends though to help her out, Pam has been struggling.

However in her lonely reality, Pam took her quiet moments to redefine her view on life.

The outcome? Well Pam now lives by the motto;

“Seize each and every day”

As a child Pam learned to ski but with health issues including Chrones disease and cancer affecting each and every day, she was unable to pursue her favourite childhood hobby. Now at the age of 68 years old and finally at a stage where she is armed with not just resilience but a never say die attitude, Pam bravely reached out to me and asked whether I could help her perhaps realise her one desire to rekindle her childhood dream of skiing.

With funds available to me through donations made for the late Helen (a previous individual who we tried to help but time beat us) as well as a volunteer called Mel who offered to chaperone Pam to the snow for needed company and assistance, it took just a few weeks to pull the pieces together and send Pam on a dream 5-day trip to Mount Hotham in Australia. Not only did we arrange accommodation, meals, ski lesson, lift passes and transport but also a surprise Husky-drawn sled ride through the snow!

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With both of the above stories I’m yet again inspired by the 100 Things community as a whole who consistently show us that small actions can lead to big changes and yet again I’m reminded that people are good. Thankfully this is something that I see each and every day.

I’d also like to mention that none of the above could have happened of course without the initial bravery of Ken and Pam to put their hands up and ask for help and so I want to say a big thanks and congratulations to them too.

Lastly I’d like to thank Sarah my awesome assistant/project manager/friend who works relentlessly behind the scenes too help make all of this happen. Sarah, you’re awesome.

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