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In November I got an email from a lovely bloke called Michael. It turned out that Michael is a producer from ESPN, the huge sports TV network in the US, and he asked if I wanted to make a documentary with them!

It’s funny how these things tend to pop up out of nowhere but of course I said a big fat YES!

The most exciting thing for me though is that ESPN don’t want to focus on me and my list, instead they are fascinated with the way in which 100 Things now helps people around the world. As such we’ll actually be filming a helping project of a brave young women who reached out to me lately! I can’t wait.

So as it turns out, an American crew are flying out to Sydney to film the documentary in January and it is scheduled to air late April/early May 2017! Needless to say I can’t wait to share it with you.

Watch this space…


Screenshot (54)

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