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Over the last few months there’s been a big surge in momentum with people reaching out to me asking for help with specific goals.

Now of course at this point I can’t help everyone (although I’m working on it!) but I do try and help as many people as possible.

One such email was from a friend of a family who really deserved some good news. Chantelle wrote to me recently and told me the story of Bailey, a young 18 year old man who’s been diagnosed with the degenerative Leukodystrophy disease. Affecting his mental and physical state, Bailey is unfortunately on the decline and the family is understandably going through some tough times.

At a time where they’d be forgiven for pressing pause on everything, Bailey’s love of cooking has never slowed down and more than ever he helps his Mum in the kitchen. Not only is Bailey fascinated by cooking but his one dream is to meet TV celebrity chef Manu Feildel. Baileys favourite TV show of course is My Kitchen Rules and his impression of Manu is something that makes everyone laugh.

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 In what was one of the best stories for me in a very busy year, yesterday I got to reveal on Channel 7’s The Morning Show the power of strangers helping strangers, This will leave you on a high.

Thanks to Channel 7 for following the story and an even bigger thanks to Nora Hunter for making the contact with the unbelievably generous Manu. Brave Bailey got to tick off his ultimate dream!

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