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Just a few years ago I took a group of 16 complete strangers to hike the Kokoda Trek in Papua New Guinea. This adventure would be the first of what has now been seven 100 Things Group Trip….. and it was epic.

When we crossed the finish line after 7 days of trekking I noticed that everyone shed a tear which intrigued me and so that evening over a few celebratory beers I asked everyone why it was they became so emotional upon finishing the journey. The generic answer went like this:

‘It felt so special to throw myself successfully at a goal that I wasn’t entirely sure I’d be able to complete. I can’t believe how capable I am and now I can’t wait to throw myself at my next goal!’

The trip had been not just a bloody good time, but on a deeper level a transformative experience, helping those involved to realise a dream. This to me was special; 100 things was truly helping people on levels I never thought it could.

Just three weeks ago, I returned from our most recent group trip, this time to Everest Base Camp and like all of the previous 6 trips- it was epic. Joined by 15 legends as we climbed to over 5,300 metres in altitude within the majestic Himalayan ranges, I couldn’t help but smile in the knowledge that yet again dreams were being realised with every step of the journey.

From landing at the worlds most dangerous airport at Lukla (a tiny landing strip impossibly carved into the side of a mountain!) and crossing 140 metre high rope bridges, to meeting Yaks and even battling severe food poisoning, the trip like the mountains that surrounded us, had the ups and downs that every good experience needs.


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To Junior (3rd 100 Things trip), Josh (2nd 100 Things trip), Jess, Chris, Jimmy, Tom-Tom, Sara, Blahsy, Misty, Micko, Pascale, Janet, Declan and Matty- well done and thanks for creating a great experience for all involved. It’s something I won’t forget.

So with 7 trips in total now taking us to Machu Picchu, Mount Kilimanjaro, an Indian ashram, a Cambodian Orphanage, Antarctica and most recently Base Camp, you may be wondering where we’re off to in 2017?


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