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Last week I was again invited to share some 100 Things stories on Channel 7’s ‘Weekend Sunrise’ show with awesome hosts Andrew O’Keefe and Monique Wright.

It’s always nice to do interviews as it’s a great platform to try and encourage people to start their lists and even help each other out.

Over the years I’ve been typically approached to share ‘crazy’ stories from my list and so now I do try and make a point of sharing the stories of helping others, which is a far better representation of what 100 Things is now.

No matter what we end up talking about though I was not prepared for the last question that Andrew asked me and I’m still red faced at what is possibly the most cringe-worthy piece of television that I’ve been involved in! Enjoy! Haha!

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As an aside, I’ve also teamed up with Channel 7 next week to help a young boy with a terminal illness achieve his dream of meeting a certain TV celebrity chef. This magical moment will be shown on The Morning Show on December 15th.

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