100 Things ESPN Documentary

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I’m still pumped after watching ’The List’, the 100 Things Documentary that premiered on ESPN Sports Centre last Sunday in the USA! Never in a million years did I think the story of a bloke and his list would turn into a movement that helps people around the world.

Click on the picture below to watch the doco….
I apologise for those that don’t want to see me skydive naked!

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Thanks to ‘OC” the producer and the entire ESPN crew for sharing the love and showing that it’s not about just my list but the helping aspect of what I do and the wider community! Also a big thanks to my little sister Pascale, Mark and Shonee who also feature in there too!

By connecting with ourselves I believe we’re then able to connect with others and ultimately the world becomes a better place. The ripple effect of 100 Things is truly humbling I’m looking forward to what’s ahead.

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