G’Day from the USA

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The US Trip

For years now 100 Things has become less a story about one man and his list and far more a movement that engages people to help one another out in acts of list-ticking, meaning and kindness.

Off the back of this I developed a little idea in my head as to how to help even more people and finally after years of waiting for the right time, I flew to the US for all of April with no plan other than to share my idea with as many people as possible in the hope that I could find support, create an action plan and ultimately find a team to help me bring my dream to reality.

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Well after a month which included over 50 meetings, multiple flights, lots of keynote presentations and even a few waves, I am super pumped to announce that I was met with equal interest and energy from friends and complete strangers alike. As such, I have come back to Australia to a) see my Mum, b) complete an already booked speaking roadshow and c) pack my bags with all my belongings- I’m moving to the US!

I still can’t give too much away at this point but my plan quite simply is to make it happen. I’ll be moving to Venice Beach in LA where the adventure will begin on May 23rd.

It’s funny, the feeling I have right now is very similar to the one I had when I first left Australia at the beginning of my 100 Things journey. It’s a combination laser focused purpose, unknown adventure and complete vulnerability, sprinkled liberally with excitement. I stare out across Manly Beach as I type this and I can feel my heart pumping as my eyes lock onto the horizon and my mouth curves upwards at either end.

I don’t know exactly how things will unfold but I do understand my why and for me that’s enough.

Wish me luck!


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