100 Things Helping Project: Rebuilding Ojai

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As you probably can all remember, in December 2017 wild fires ripped through southern California destroying more than 100,000 acres. The images were all over the news, not just in the US but internationally too. Many people suffered the loss of property including Nicole and PJ, who approached me for help.

Nicole and PJ lost their home and have been living in their RV ever since. They asked if I could help build them a small temporary garden that they could enjoy each day. With the help of over 20 people from the Pttow community we managed to brighten up Nicole and PJ’s day.
Click on the photo below to view the video:

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Sending a big shout out to everyone that helped make this possible. It has given both Nicole and PJ hope for the future and as Nicole said now she is happy to be at home.

Kindness feels good!

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