Introducing Kindsum

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The meeting place for human kindness

Over the years, 100 Things has evolved from a story of one man and a list to something of a thriving community of like-minded people.

You’re part of this- thank you!

As an off-shoot of this, I find myself in a position where I’ve been fortunate enough to manually connect complete strangers around the world to engage in organised acts of kindness, simply by sharing powerful stories.

From granting last wishes and helping deserving kids achieve meaningful goals, to assisting was veterans or simply offering an ear to the lonely, the variety and impact of these projects have been as humbling as they have been inspiring.

I couldn’t be more proud of positivity that’s been generated through our community and the lives that have been affected, but what I’m sharing with you today I truly think has the potential to make the world (and all of us who live here!) even better!

Today I’m launching Kindsum; a peer-to-peer connection platform offering kindness opportunities to anyone, anywhere, anytime….

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Kindsum is a new meeting place for human kindness. Think online dating, but for kindness.

Kindsum allows meaningful goals of deserving people to be uploaded for the world to see. By doing so, those interested in helping others can search for people via location or category in order to offer them direct help.

As I share this with you today for the first time, there are already so many stories to tell, including the way in which this site was built by 4 incredibly inspiring inmates from San Quentin prison, but this story, as well as many others, will be shared soon.

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The Backstory of Kindsum

For all of the amazing stories of kindness that have taken place over the years, an ongoing issue for me was that for every one person that I’ve been able to help so far (or connect with someone else who can help), there is a far larger batch of people who I haven’t been able to help because my hands are simply too full!!

Wanting to fix this issue, I soon noticed that I was being approached by people all around the world wanting, and offering, to help anyone I might know who needed it.

My mission became instantly clear; I just needed to introduce those wanting to help to those who needed the help. By doing so, we would scale kindness so that anyone, anywhere, at anytime can have instant access to either find someone to help or indeed nominate themselves (or someone) they knew for help by sharing their story.

This is Kindsum


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What Do You Do Now?

1) Want to Help?

If you believe in kindness and yourself would be interested in potentially helping someone on the site, I urge you to visit and sign up as a user. As projects start to build I will share them with you and hopefully create an opportunity to activate your Kindsum very soon.

2) Need Help… or know someone who does?

If you, or someone you know, has a compelling story and meaningful goal (non financially based) that you think at the very least would bring a proud smile to you and a complete stranger who may assist you, please sign up and create a project explaining more.

As with anything in life, nothing is guaranteed and as such every decision we make may as well be based on our passions and purpose. Kindsum, for me, is just that; something I am obsessed about because I think it could make the world a better place.

Thank you for all your support so far and I would be honoured to work with you on this.

If you feel the need to share this, please do and if you have any questions, thoughts an desires, please just email me.

Feel free to follow the Kindsum social media pages, too:

Instagram: @Kindsum

Twitter: @BeKindsum

Facebook: Kindsum

Kindness Counts…

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