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Thank you Sara for all you showed us. You are an Inspiration.

Today I was at funeral. It was sad, tragic but most of all inspiring. At the young age of 30 years old, a recent friend of mine Sara passed away from cancer. Of the hundreds who attended the service, we all mourned but also smiled. Sara was special. As the sun shone and I stared […]

The Ripple Effect- “52 for Blue”

Screen Shot 2013-09-03 at 2.59.17 PM

At the risk of sounding a little emotional; I’m always left smiling and shaking my head in astonishment when I hear of the positive & meaningful difference that the 100 Things journey continues to make with people around the world. People are capable of anything when they take the time to identify what is they […]

Face to Face with 100 Things….

(I wrote this 2 days ago whilst in Dubbo) I write today from Dubbo. I arrived here knowing no-one but very quickly met someone who has made me smile. Announcing on my site that I was coming to Dubbo to give a presentation about the 100 Things journey, I quickly received an email from a […]

Campaigners to Inspire Us All

Simply put; these guys are inspiring! I can’t help but beam with pride as I see campaigners on the 100 Things website share and achieve their goals. Today I thought I’d share the stories of three incredible people:   James is a guy who in the last 2 years has been through a lot. The […]

Campaigners of the Week!

It’s no secret that the most exciting thing about this new website is the ability it offers to Campaigners to interact and share their own story and goals. In the last 6 months of the website being launched, the uptake has been huge and the goals and dreams that have been listed by people all […]

Campaigner of the Week- Simon… Finding a Home for Balu the Bear

Simon and Balu

It’s always incredible to see people throwing passion and energy at things that benefit other people. Having read this email from a 100 Things campaigner by the name of Simon this morning, I thought I’d spread his cause. I’ve never helped a bear before! If you want to help out, all his details are at […]

16th May, 2013…Inspirational Blog by Mark Rostoks- ‘Overthrowing Adversity – The Battle Continues’

Just quickly a little about me: I’m a young bloke (34) who became ill 10 years ago with a chronic neurological disorder. And as you might guess my life basically slipped away – hospitals, health, treatments blah blah blah… well that was until about 2 ½ years ago when I started my bucket list. You […]

Your Story… Hani

1- What is your name? Hani 2- What is your background/story I live a very ‘normal’ existence – work, play, study, travel and repeat. I love the people around me, the privileges that I’ve been afforded and the fact that I can make decisions and be supported in whatever path I choose. I’m really, really […]

October 29th, 2012… Campaigner of the Week

It’s always such a great feeling to see others achieving things from their lists and today when I opened an email from one of our most enthusiastic campaigner’s called Michael, it wasn’t long before I was laughing out loud! In short Micahel had just ticked off an item from his list, but this time he […]

August 15th, 2012- From Hospital Bed to Cambodia.. Meet Julie!

At each talk that I give about 100 Things, it’s guaranteed that two questions  will always be asked at the end.; 1) ‘How do you afford it?’ And 2) ‘What will you do once you finish your list?’. In a way that I know makes absolutely no sense to some, my answer for both is […]

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