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$10,000 to Make-A-Wish Donation & an Awesome Brand Relationship 

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The Background: You may have noticed that the last few spots on my own list of 100 Things are labelled as ‘For Sale on Behalf of Chosen Charity’. The idea here is that YOU can actually decide what this blank spot on my list becomes by making a generous donation to my chosen charity, which […]

Number 4- $100,000 raised for Alzheimers Australia!!

Two years ago when I proudly ticked off Number 4 from my list- Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality, I quickly decided that there was no good reason to stop raising needed funds for charity and so I elected to set myself the challenge of raising a second $100,000 amount for Alzheimers Australia. Not many people […]

100 Things & Make-A-Wish Unite!

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It’s amazing to see just how positive a role 100 Things now plays in promoting and engaging support for charitable causes and so it’s with a big smile that I can now announce the next development of this charitable arm. I have just been invited to become an ambassador the Make-A-Wish foundation! I couldn’t be […]

The Ultimate Treadmill Challenge- Raising $100,000 for Alzheimers Australia

Oh dear.. it’s happening again! Help us raise the remaining $60,000 for Alzheimers Australia! As you may know, last year I managed to tick off Number 4 from the list, Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality. Needless to say I was over the moon, but not wanting to stop there, I decided that I should try […]

We did it- $40,000 for Alzheimer’s Australia!!

Well in the aftermath of the 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge, one of the hardest fundraising events I’ve ever taken part in, I was absolutely honoured (and relieved!) to be able to hand over a giant novelty cheque to Alzheimer’s Australia last week for $40,000!! WOW! From midday on November 14th to midday on November 15th, […]

24 Hour Treadmill Challenge for Alzheimer’s Australia

On June 9th this year, the 4th anniversary of 100 Things, I handed over a cheque of $100,000 to Camp Quality. This was Number 4 on my list and the feeling at that moment was something I’ll never forget. Thanking everyone who over the years had supported and donated towards this cause, I walked away […]

New Charity Target- Raise $100,000 for Alzheimer’s Australia!!

The Background: Earlier this year I was over the moon to tick off one of the most rewarding items from my list; Number 4- Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality! Comprised of items that I’d never experienced before, the fact that I’d never raised any money for a charity prior to my journey meant that this […]

Number 4- Raise $100,000 for Camp Quality- TICK!

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At the beginning of the 100 Things journey I decided that I wanted to raise money for a charity and so it quickly found it’s way in the form of an item onto my list. The embarrassing truth was that I’d never donated to a charity before hand and I simply wanted to change this! […]

Number 93- Volunteer at a Camp Quality camp (as chosen by Jan)- TICK!

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The Theory Behind The Blank List Items When I initially created my list, there were a few spots that I left blank. My thinking was that as I travelled I would stumble upon new experiences that I could then add accordingly. This happened for a few items (Number 27- Minister a Wedding) but with the […]

100 Things Documentary Premiere! March 8th event in Sydney- come join me!

I’m not going to lie, I’m excited! Why? Well somehow find myself in the position of being able to announce that a documentary about 100 Things is just about to premiered globally- amazing! On March 8th (3 weeks), TLC (Foxtel) will be showing the first screening of this doco and In celebration I’ve decided to […]

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