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Number 39- Read the TV Weather Report

Wow! Could there be a more fun job? For the past 5 weeks since we’ve been in Canada, Global News have been following our 100Things journey very tightly and so when we rang them and asked if we could read the weather on their evening news show, we were stoked to get a positive response. A day […]

Number 36- Walk Across a Country

The idea of walking is as simple as it is natural, however planes, trains and automobiles have meant that we now rarely allow ourselves the time to enjoy a good old-fashioned stroll. Remember that it wasn’t too long ago that using our feet was the only way of land transport. With this in mind I […]

Number 33- Be on a TV Gameshow

We’ve all been guilty of yelling at the TV whilst watching a game show at one stage or another. Whether it be sitting in the living room with family, or laying alone in your own bedroom, each one of us has thought, I’d do better than that guy! I know I have, so I decided […]

Number 30- Join a Protest

Without doubt one of the most hilarious activities I’ve ever been involved with! Why did I want to join a protest? I hear you ask. Well as kid I had a friend who was never available on the weekends. The reason for this was because his parents were protestors and would drag him around the […]

Number 26- Help a Stranger

Number 26 on the 100 Things list is to help a stranger. This I was initially able to achieve after being asked by a concerned mother to address her daughter’s school about the topic of bullying. Her daughter was sadly a victim of bullying and being able to help in small way by sharing stories […]

Number 24- Publish Article

I’m not sure why I’ve always wanted to publish an article, to be honest. Perhaps in some sick and twisted way it stems from my early school days where I remember my English teacher screwing up a story I wrote because my hand writing was terrible? Probably not, but regardless having a piece of writing […]

Number 21- Speed Dating

I had always wondered what type of person speed dating attracted. Desperate and dateless? Socially awkward? Asthmatic? I was about to find out. Thirteen girls stand opposite thirteen guys in an otherwise empty room within a pub. Numbered place mats from ‘1’ to ‘13’ lay on various bench tops and table-tops through out the venue, […]

Number 16- Street Perform

What do you get if you add 3 superheroes and 1 amazing city together?? $300 of donations! It took 3 days, but we got there! The goal was to raise $100 for Camp Quality, and we did it in style! The first two days of street performing saw me visit Central Park, Washington Square, Union […]

Number 14- Burning Man Festival

Head East of Reno by two hours and you’ll find yourself in the middle of the dessert, literally. Lets call this place the Black Rock Dessert. One road runs through this point before carrying on across state for another 400 miles till it reaches the Nevada border. Baron dessert spans endlessly here, with distant mountain […]

Number 2- Marry a Stranger in Vegas

This is a story that I love sharing but seeing as it doubles as Chapter 1 in my book, I thought I’d leave with a bit of a teaser here for you! ‘Sebastian, do you take Chevali to be your lawfully wedded wife? Do you vow to treat her right and to be her Tiger […]

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