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Just a few years ago I took a group of 16 complete strangers to hike the Kokoda Trek in Papua New Guinea. This adventure would be the first of what has now been seven 100 Things Group Trip….. and it was epic. When we crossed the finish line after 7 days of trekking I noticed […]


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On Saturday 10 September 2016, the 100 Things Group Skydive in Sydney took place. Against my Assistant Sarah’s better judgement and innate sense of survival she decided to jump with us! The day was a complete success of course and well done to everyone who joined Sarah and myself to TICK this off their list, […]


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“Thank you everyone, in 100 Things for your loving kindness and generously. I’ll remember this for as long as I last and beyond” – Pam The message was sent to me from a lady named Pam who is at this very moment living out her dream of skiing one final time. How did this come about? […]


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Last month the story of ‘Operation Snow Bunny’ went viral. For those who missed it, the 100 Things community rallied together to help a cancer patient named Helen achieve her final wish of touching snow for the first time. After an outpouring of donations and offers of help we arranged Helen’s dream trip and surprised […]


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Two weeks ago you’ll remember that I was put in touch with a lovely lady named Helen. A bubbly 55 year-old sadly given 6 months to live due to bowel cancer, Helen shared with me over the phone her final wish of wanting to touch snow for the first time in real life. This simple […]

Rest In Peace Detho- Your legacy….

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Nine years ago today, I was awoken by a phone call whilst in Canada that changed my life. I was told that a close of friend of mine, Detho, has tragically died overnight at the tender age of 24 years old. Today I’d like to take a moment to celebrate a great mate who although […]

Number 7- Be in a Bollywood Movie- TICK!

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I’m yet to meet someone who does’t laugh at me when I say that I’ve always wanted to be in a Bollywood movie and it’s with great satisfaction that I now join in with laughter. This was hilarious- I did it! Now I would love to tell you a tale that involves me stealing the […]

India Group Health & Wellbeing Retreat- TICK!

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From learning to meditate on the banks of the spiritual Gangas River (as part of the third 100 Things International Group Trip) to somehow finding my way into a Bollywood movie scene in Mumbai (Number 7 from my list), our 3-week experience in india has over-delivered in the spadefuls. Not only were some big items […]

Number 5- Save a Life

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For those of you who follow 100 Things on social media, you may think that this story of saving of life is centered around that of a stray dog called Parker who was due to be put to sleep. In part, it is (we saved him by finding him a ‘Forever Home’ through the 100 […]

100 Things International Group Trips- 2015

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Mount Kilimanjaro – Antarctica – Volunteering in Cambodia – Indian Health & Wellbeing Retreat Off the back of 2 hugely successful 100 Things International Group Trips in 2013 and 2014 (The Kokoda Trek and the Inca Trail/Machu Picchu, accordingly), I’m over the moon to announce the next four 100 Things International Group Trips for 2015. […]

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