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Number 84- Face a Shane Warne ‘Over’- TICK

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Is there a cricket fan in the world who hasn’t at one stage dreamt of facing a ball from Shane Warne; arguably the best bowler to have ever played the game of cricket? Probably not. Like all these people, I too have always wanted to face ‘Warney’ and that’s why it sits at Number 84 […]

Number 86- Complete an Ironman

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The Swim…. A female competitor breaks down in tears directly in front of me as together we nervously wade into the water at Port Macquarie just minutes away from the starters gun. Ahead of us; a 3.8km swim, a 180km bike ride and finally a 42.2km run. This is the Ironman. Months of training have […]

Number 93- Volunteer at a Camp Quality camp (as chosen by Jan)- TICK!

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The Theory Behind The Blank List Items When I initially created my list, there were a few spots that I left blank. My thinking was that as I travelled I would stumble upon new experiences that I could then add accordingly. This happened for a few items (Number 27- Minister a Wedding) but with the […]

Number 34- Kiss a Celebrity TICK!

Number 34- Celebrity Kiss- TICK! (this is the pic that featured in the Daily Telegraph newspaper the next day!)

I’m a big believer in ‘flow’; the idea that if in your quest to live a fulfilling life you leave yourself open to influences out of your own control, things tend to fall into place. This is what happened today. After being booked to speak at the ‘National Radio Conference’ at the Sydney Convention Centre […]

Number 62- Live on the Street for 1 Week

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The Challenge: Typically, we all know where we’re sleeping each night of the week. The concern for food stretches no further than choosing what to pick out of our fridge or what to buy at supermarket. The warmth of a bedroom is a given, as is a hot shower and privacy. In a very literal […]

Number 74- Make a Crazy Bid


“Do I hear $500?” yells the auctioneer as a man standing next to him on stage parades another peculiar sale item at St Vincent de Paul’s annual CEO Sleep-out auction. An enthusiastic bidder sitting somewhere in the middle of the crowd quickly flashes his hand into the air like a fish momentarily surfacing for oxygen […]

Pick What Seb Does Next!

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You may have noticed that the last 5 items on Seb’s list simple say “For Auction on Behalf of Camp Quality”? Well this is your opportunity to choose what Seb does i.e YOU pick the item! In fact, if you want, you can join him complete your item. The item is completely up to you, […]

Number 89- Visit the Playboy Mansion- TICK!

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Now when I first put this list together, I simply wrote down a collection of things that I wanted to experience. Some things tested me physically, some mentally and there were a whole lot that I threw myself at without knowing what the test would be. Generally though they were all related by the fact […]

Number 22- Have a Boxing Match

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“Ding Ding. Seconds Out. Round 1!” In one of those moments where things in front of your eyes seem to process with a slight delay, the first few seconds of the fight had already passed before my brain had caught up. Unfortunately for me by the time that that I realized the fight had started, […]

Number 26- Help a Stranger: Mark’s Miracle Marathon

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June, 2011… Meet Mark The latest campaigner I’ve been in contact with is Mark. Now Mark not only has a list but also has a massive challenge in completing it due to a undiagnosed neurological disorder that he’s had for a while. As a result, he is sadly confined to a wheelchair with very limited […]

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