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Number 73- Get Shot

I’ve never had a gun pointed at me, let alone had one shot at me, and so it really was an easy choice to add this item to the list. Written on the eve of the shooting: On the eve of possibly one of the most dangerous days of my life, I sit here with […]

Number 72- Stay Awake for 72 Hours

At the beginning of the 2010 I walked across France with a mate of mine called Matty. Not only was this an amazing experience, but it was Number 36 on my list. Whilst chatting somewhere in between Switzerland on the French East Coast and the Atlantic Ocean on the West, Matty told me a story […]

Number 71- Play Naked Rugby

Having played rugby in a serious manor for most of years up until the age of 21 years old, the notion of playing a game in the nude was something that when I heard about it simply clicked with me. I had to try it. All I needed to do was to fly to Canada […]

Number 70- Meet my Namesake (Sebastian Terry)

Have you ever met someone with the exact same name as you? Well today I managed to do just that when I travelled to London to meet Sebastian Terry! Initially making contact via Facebook, it took over a year to actually meet in person but it was worth the wait. Waiting on the side of […]

Number 67- Live on a Desert Island for 1 Week

It’s becoming a habit that every time I get back from completing an item from my list, I claim it to be the best experience I’ve ever had but as I sit here now in Brisbane airport with a smile from ear to ear, I’d have to say that living on the deserted island of Ilo Gi […]

Number 65- Dad’s Dream Car

I think everyone’s Dad has a car that reminds them of a special period of their life. In the same way that a certain song may transport you to a moment of happiness or a smell brings back memory of a good time; the mere thought of this car is enough to turn back the […]

Number 64- Challenge a World Champion

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a world champion. It wouldn’t matter what it was that I was the best at, as long as I was the best. Imagine knowing that you could beat anyone on the planet at one particular thing, whether it be running, boxing or finger painting. Sadly, […]

Number 63- Get a Tattoo

For some reason I’ve just never been able to commit to the simplest of things, from making plans for the evening to choosing something from a menu. It’s ridiculous I know but please don’t worry, I’m working on it. Today I am going to make a commitment that will stay with me for life; I’m […]

Number 60- Random Country

Not completed in full yet, the guys at Channel 7′s Sunrise offered to help me pick a country blindfolding Sports reporter Mark Beretta and getting him to stick a pin into a world map. All I have to do now is get there, somehow! Share this!

Number 59- Attend an Extreme Religious Ceremony

I’ve never been a devout follower of any religion. As a child I was ceremoniously dragged to church every Christmas by my parents, but since that distant memory I have not spent too much time in any religious setting. This includes any Penticostal church. Initiation: “Dear Lord, Sebastian has come to us today so that […]

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