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100 Things Cambodian Volunteering Trip: November 7th-14th, 2015

  Have you ever wanted to do something incredible for someone else, a complete stranger, all whilst based in a resilient foreign land steeped in culture, history and natural beauty? This is your opportunity. This is going to be one of the most unique philanthropic trips you’ll ever experience and we’ll also get to see […]

Leadership through Authenticity…

A few weeks ago I was at a lunch with a friend of mine Tim. Tim had asked me to speak at an event that he runs called the ‘Conscious Club‘. With the opinion that manly people nowadays go into a pub and partake in activities that have a focus on making us more or […]

Beyond 100- Penni’s Sydney Kings Experience- People Helping People

Late last year I received an email from a lady asking me whether I’d be able to help out a friend of hers called Penni. Humbled to receive such requests I contacted Penni and asked how I could help out. Her response left me quite moved. Having survived Breast Cancer, Penni more recently was sadly […]

Email of the Week- Seize the Moment

Whether your list is 1 item long or 1000 items long, the underlying theme to any number of goals is seizing the moment; living a life that reflects who we are and what we desire. The risk that if we don’t, we may find one day that it’s hard to smile. The difference I believe […]

People Helping People- We did it! The Twins got to their formal on time.. and in style!

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 9.40.39 am

A few weeks back you may remember the story of a Mother in need contacting me and asking for a helping hand. Her situation was one which involved her autistic twin boys bravely graduating from high school. Her one dream had always been to then send the boys on to their school formal in style […]

Can we help 2 brave boys in Brisbane? Please read!

There are times in life where for a brief and special moment you’re able to see something with so much clarity that you can’t help but react to it with 100% of your energy and passion. This has just happened for me. This morning I received an email from a lady who I’ve met just […]

100 Things- good for the workplace!

One of the most interesting questions I field with corporate bosses inviting me to speak to their staff is this; “We’re looking forward to hear you speak but can you please ensure that our staff don’t quit tomorrow so they can go and travel!?” The simple answer is YES, but it’s a point worth discussing. […]

Campaigners to Inspire Us All

Simply put; these guys are inspiring! I can’t help but beam with pride as I see campaigners on the 100 Things website share and achieve their goals. Today I thought I’d share the stories of three incredible people:   James is a guy who in the last 2 years has been through a lot. The […]

Campaigner of the Week- Simon… Finding a Home for Balu the Bear

Simon and Balu

It’s always incredible to see people throwing passion and energy at things that benefit other people. Having read this email from a 100 Things campaigner by the name of Simon this morning, I thought I’d spread his cause. I’ve never helped a bear before! If you want to help out, all his details are at […]

Inspirational Guest Post by James Thomas

Screen Shot 2013-06-06 at 10.31.33 AM

Not long ago I received an email form a lovely guy named James Thomas. The email, as you’ll read below, is very touching but what strikes me as particularly incredible is how a moment of darkness in his life acted as the catalyst for something so bright and positive. Life is about choices, the key […]

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