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The Daily Goalcast Feature

Much to my surprise, the Daily Goalcast last week featured a talk of mine on their Facebook page. Their facebook page is described as ‘A powerful and moving new series that collects hard-earned wisdom from inspiring true stories and practical tutorials on how to become your own hero.’ How cool is that!   Click on […]

100 Things: Operation Sydney Rabbitohs

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I was recently contacted by Jason who was wanting to help cheer up his Mum, Dianne. After a very tough life involving a challenging upbringing and a long battle with cancer, Dianne has just learnt that one of her other children has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Dianne is going through a lot right […]

Operation Going Home – success for Nic & her family

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Late March I put a call out to help a young lady called Nic whose Mum is terminally ill and living in remote NSW. Nic needed to get home to be at her mum’s side but fell upon hard times and on top of it all had a broken foot. The 100 Things Community came […]

Rest in Peace Ken

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I would like to send my love and support to Ken’s family after his recent passing. I was fortunate enough to help Ken achieve his dream of meeting and watching his beloved Essendon AFL team one final time (they won for him too!) and the video of this story reminds me of the importance of […]

100 Things ESPN Documentary

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I’m still pumped after watching ’The List’, the 100 Things Documentary that premiered on ESPN Sports Centre last Sunday in the USA! Never in a million years did I think the story of a bloke and his list would turn into a movement that helps people around the world. Click on the picture below to watch the doco…. […]

G’Day from the USA

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The US Trip For years now 100 Things has become less a story about one man and his list and far more a movement that engages people to help one another out in acts of list-ticking, meaning and kindness. Off the back of this I developed a little idea in my head as to how […]


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In February three complete strangers got together to help grant the wish of a deserving 13 year old girl. Her dream was to have a wolf mural on her wall and her Mum secretly contacted me for help. Here’s what happened including the surprise moment when she opened her door to see her dream come true! […]


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Last Thursday, Channel 7 aired my most recent helping project – Operation Animal Warrior. Rheece, is an 18 year old who has autism, an intellectual impairment and a rare disease called Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH) which causes raised pressure within the skull, putting pressure on the brain. Rheece’s dream is to work with animals! After being contacted by Rheece’s Mum […]


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Over the last few months there’s been a big surge in momentum with people reaching out to me asking for help with specific goals. Now of course at this point I can’t help everyone (although I’m working on it!) but I do try and help as many people as possible. One such email was from […]


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Last week I was again invited to share some 100 Things stories on Channel 7’s ‘Weekend Sunrise’ show with awesome hosts Andrew O’Keefe and Monique Wright. It’s always nice to do interviews as it’s a great platform to try and encourage people to start their lists and even help each other out. Over the years […]

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