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100 Work Shop- May 14th & 15th

If you are interested in attending our 100 Things Workshop, please email us on and we’ll give you a call. There are only 20 spots available so be quick. Thanks! Sebastian and the 100 Things team Share this!

100 Things Workshop- May 14 & 15

Over 200 people attended the first 100 Things public presentation last week and I firstly want to say a big thanks for the support! We all enjoyed music from Matt Boylan Smith and were entertained throughout thanks to good mate and talented MC Michael Crossland- thanks guys! With one lucky audience member winning an international […]


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 TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW ———————————————————— After an unbelievably busy speaking schedule in 2015 that took me around the world to share my story and message with corporate clients, governmental parties, sporting teams, global summits, schools and everything in between, I thought it was about time that I opened up my talk for the general public. I […]

2016… Life is Not a Rehearsal. Penni Shows Us the Way

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The online world is saturated in positive messaging. If you’re hooked up to Instagram or Facebook, it’s hard not to scroll down and read inspirational quote after inspirational quote (usually in italics) emblazoned across poignant edited black & white photos or simple black backdrops. These positive affirmations are great, I think, but I can’t help […]

LAST MINUTE SPOT: 100 Things 2016 Everest Base Camp Group Trip

In 2016, 100 Things will be running one of the most epic group trips yet, Everest Base Camp! Having completed some incredible group trips so far including the Kokoda Trek, the Inca Trail (Machu Picchu), an Indian Spiritual Retreat, Mount Kilimanjaro, a Cambodian Volunteering Trip  and most recently Antarctica, Base Camp promises to be again bring […]

And my Sydney to Hobart Race Spot Goes to…..

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Last week you may remember that I was approached by a lady named Sibby, the skipper of the Dare Devil sailing team, to join her crew and compete in the Sydney to Hobart Yacht race. A once in a lifetime opportunity, I said YES and then asked Sibby if I could donate the spot to […]

Rest In Peace Detho- Your legacy….

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Nine years ago today, I was awoken by a phone call whilst in Canada that changed my life. I was told that a close of friend of mine, Detho, has tragically died overnight at the tender age of 24 years old. Today I’d like to take a moment to celebrate a great mate who although […]

Today We Climb Mount Kilimanjaro!

I write this from a small called town called Maragnu nestled quietly at the base of the ever-impressive Mount Kilimanjaro that towers over us and the surrounding African plains from high above the clouds. Today the fourth 100 Things International Group Trip begins as 17 of us take our first steps on to the mountain, […]

100 Things: The Reality Show Helping People

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In case of emergency, oxygen masks will fall from the ceiling. Please put yours on first before helping others. This may sound strange at first, but I’ve come to learn that in order to help other as best as possible it’s crucial you look after yourself first. My belief is that without solid foundation or […]

September 1st: The Today Show

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 10.32.22 pm

Firstly today I want to say a big thanks to the Today Show and everyone involved in this morning’s interview! It was a lot of fun and any opportunity I get to spread the good vibes of 100 Things is something I value immensely so you won’t be able to take this smile off my […]

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