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    As podiatrists Terrell Edmunds Youth Jersey , our patients are plagued with varied pedal complaints from fractures to sprains to varied skin conditions. Some pathologies are more common to a specific patient population; adults, geriatric, athletes. One pathology that does not discriminate and can present in both our youngest and oldest patients are painful ingrown toenails. Simply Zach Gentry Youth Jersey , the nail has curved into the skin and pain and swelling develops. For anyone who has suffered themselves this simple complaint can be quite debilitating, make walking in shoe gear difficult and can even develop into a much more severe infection if left untreated.
    The internet offers many at home remedies but do they really work?

    1. Soak in warm water – YES this can help decrease the inflammation as well as drain unwanted bacteria – we recommend adding Epsom salt as well. Soaking can also help soften the skin and nail which can make cutting much easier for the patient.

    2. Place cotton or dental floss under the nail and leave until the nail grows out – this is an older remedy that really only can cause harm at this point, putting a foreign body under the nail can cause irritation. If you are thinking of trying this at home Benny Snell Jr. Youth Jersey , I would consider a form of “bathroom surgery” and would recommend you calling our office to assist in alleviating your discomfort.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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