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    The best character in For Honor is a tough question to answer. There are many different play styles and many different characters to choose from. This article covers the best character in For Honor by looking at each character and breaking down their strengths and weaknesses so you know which hero fits best with your preferred play style. We’ll be updating this article over time as the meta changes and people get more experience with each hero, but for now read on to find out who the best hero is in For Honor so you can take people down with the resident OP class.

    As people are starting to play For Honor they want to know how to finish their enemies in style. This article covers how to execute in For Honor which has a strategic element in addition to looking pretty gruesome. There’s a very simple way to perform an execution in For Honor, and you’ll get quite a few of them just by attacking your opponents like normal.

    The For Honor Beta went live on February 9, 2017 and people have been asking the question of what time does the For Honor Beta end. Unfortunately, we have the sad news for you right here, with the exact ending times of the For Honor Beta in multiple time zones. Find out when the For Honor Open Beta ends below. Luckily, even after the For Honor Beta ends you’ll only have to wait a few more days for the retail release, with For Honor hitting shelves on February 14, 2017. Sounds like a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift for the gamer in your life. For now, we’ve compiled a list of what time the For Honor Beta ends so you can squeeze in every last minute of play time.

    Ubisoft’s For Honor once looked like a write-off, but the competitive sword-o-brawler has somehow pulled itself together. Today’s expansion Marching Fire adds a bundle of new content to the game, a lot of it paid, but some major upgrades free for everyone. All players (regardless of version owned) will get access to a castle siege playmode and a slew of graphical improvements, but a new solo/co-op mode and four new Chinese-themed characters remain the domain of people who put down cash.

    Ubisoft’s melee-dramatic, vaguely historically inspired For Honor has always been a speculative thing, mashing together unrelated factions for the fun of it. With the pending release of the Marching Fire expansion, they’re taking it one step further and asking: what if knights vs. samurai vs. Vikings, but now everything is burning? See for yourself below: If you like to quickly move in and out of combat, harassing your opponents like an annoying mosquito, there are two classes that excel at this play style above all others. The Peacekeeper and Berserker have the best mobility in the game and would rather be evading or deflecting your attacks instead of simply blocking or parrying. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy FH Steel Credits from Mmocs at a reasonable price.

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