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    How to put the incense burner
    <p> Put it in the middle (before the statue). Your question belongs to "how to set the table". I will reply to you together.<br />
    1. Put the incense table, the statue of the sacred Buddha in the middle, and put five offerings in the front. Left and right 2 vases, insert flower 3 or 5 branches, with odd number advisable; A pair of left and right candlesticks with red candles. It is called the five confessions.<br />
    2, 5 for the front of the grain (five kinds of color of grains, such as rice, black beans, mung beans, soybean, peanut, etc.), five fruit (colored fruit such as apples, oranges, bananas, grapes, pears, etc.), three cups of green tea, etc., can’t remember put animal products, otherwise detrimental to deities at (because god is "out-of-touch thing"), and also damage their own blessings.<br />
    3. Both the Buddha and bodhisattvas can be offered together, or they can share a furnace of incense. As for the "Buddha for a fire of incense" is a superstition or folklore, should not be true. Because Buddha and bodhisattvas are great achievers, they come to pay tribute to all beings. And the immortal, the progenitor, including the Lord of heaven and earth, the master, all belong to the six beings who have not jumped out of the cycle of life, nature is willing to be close to the dharma, not only will not care, but also more happy heart! But notice that you shakily, must say you worship the deity of the buddhas and bodhisattvas name (thinking), worship guanyin bodhisattva and say "namo (pronunciation" with the "avalokitesvara" or "south without mercy an avalokitesvara mercy"; The Buddha worshiped the Buddha and said, "there is no master sakyamuni Buddha in the south"; Worship the jade emperor on the mouth of "there is no jade emperor in the south" and so on. If you want to be lazy, or if you are in a hurry, you can call it "the gods of heaven". </p>
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