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    Although there are still similarities to Far Cry 5 beyond a return to Hope County, there are a fair few changes when it comes to the gameplay mechanics. Whether it’s a tweak to the Perks available or the introduction of light RPG elements, Far Cry New Dawn is a little bit removed from what Far Cry fans may know about the series so far.

    Liberating Outposts is the best way to get ethanol in Far Cry New Dawn, the resource that you need to upgrade Prosperity. As it involves eliminating every Highwayman currently chilling in the Outpost, and you get bonuses for remaining undetected or setting off no alarms, you’re going to want to know where every single Highwayman is to stop yourself being (literally) stabbed in the back. The tactical binoculars perk is indispensable for this, as hovering over enemies and alarms will tag them automatically, plus you can set waypoints through them too. It also saves you having to cart around Timber and hear his whimpers when he gets hurt/worry about his well-being in the middle of a gunfight.

    Far Cry games have always encouraged players to try to stealthily complete outpost missions, and that’s doubly true in New Dawn. Outpost missions are your primary way of attaining ethanol, which is used for upgrading your home base. You’re going to need a LOT of ethanol over the game, so you’ll want to maximize your efforts by striving for two ethanol-soaked bonuses when you take down an outpost – one for completing the mission without setting off any alarms, and another for remaining completely undetected by the enemy. Come to now, you can buy Far Cry New Dawn Credits with fast delivery and 100% safety.

    Post-apocalyptic Hope County is still a massive world to explore, but sometimes you need a break from the fictional Montana. When the wanderlust hits, go see Roger Cardoret, Prosperity’s helicopter pilot. From there, you can go on Highwaymen looting expeditions to Florida, Louisiana, Arizona and San Francisco. Once you reach your destination, you’ll be tasked with stealing a special package. Make it back in one piece and those pilfered goods can net you some rare resources that you can help you and Prosperity.

    Expeditions are new in Far Cry, and they’ll take you out of Montana to other parts of the country like an aircraft carrier on the coast, Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay, and an amusement park in Louisiana. You access expeditions via the chopper pilot at Prosperity or from your menu, and they serve as huge outposts you can raid for extra supplies. You’re looking for a specific haul of loot somewhere in the outpost. The catch is, the package you’re after has a GPS attached to it, so once you’ve grabbed it, even if you’ve been completely undetected thus far, the bad guys will not only know you’re there, but they’ll be able to pinpoint your exact location.

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