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    With the acceleration of social industrialization, energy-saving and environmental protection of low-carbon economy has attracted much attention. The technical requirements of low carbon industrial furnaces and kilns are “three high and two low”, namely “high yield, high energy efficiency, long life” and “low energy consumption and low pollution”.
    [url=https://www.antsalliance.com/vacuum-furnaces/heat-treatment/Three-chamber-Horizontal-Oil-and-Gas-Quenching-Vacuum-Furnace.html]THREE CHAMBER HORIZONTAL OIL AND GAS QUENCHING VACUUM FURNACE[/url]

    Developing low-carbon industrial furnaces with high energy efficiency and low emission is an important way to reduce cost and energy consumption. It not only conforms to the theme of “high efficiency, low consumption, energy saving and environmental protection” of economic development, but also deepens the energy-saving technology in an all-round way.[url=https://www.antsalliance.com/vacuum-furnaces/induction-melting/High-Temperature-Metal-Melting-Furnace.html]HIGH TEMPERATURE METAL MELTING FURNACE[/url]

    As a leading master in the field of industrial kiln design and research in China, Mei Chi has been engaged in the teaching and research of non-ferrous metallurgical industrial kiln and thermal energy engineering for a long time. He has won numerous honors through decades of intensive research, which also confirms the leading position of domestic research and development technology in this field in the world.[url=https://www.antsalliance.com/vacuum-furnaces/heat-treatment/Box-type-lab-inert-gas-vacuum-heat-treatment-furnace.html]BOX TYPE LAB INERT GAS VACUUM HEAT TREATMENT FURNACE[/url]

    The concept of low-carbon industrial furnaces put forward by him for the first time pays attention to both “soft” and “hard” in the research, informatization and design and manufacture of furnaces. The low-oxygen dispersion combustion technology developed by him represents the development direction of low-carbon industrial furnaces.[url=https://www.antsalliance.com/vacuum-furnaces/sintering/Industrial-vacuum-pressure-free-sintering-furnace-for-diamond-segments.html]INDUSTRIAL VACUUM PRESSURE FREE SINTERING FURNACE FOR DIAMOND SEGMENTS[/url]

    Although the development of low-carbon industrial furnaces in the non-ferrous metal industry has become a consensus, but due to the different degrees of attention of enterprises, there is a big gap in investment. He pointed out that low carbon industrial furnaces are a perfect combination of technological progress, economic and social benefits, and will be an opportunity for furnaces manufacturing enterprises[url=https://www.antsalliance.com/vacuum-furnaces/gas-quenching/Industrial-vacuum-gas-quenching-furnace-with-high-pressure.html]INDUSTRIAL VACUUM GAS QUENCHING FURNACE WITH HIGH PRESSURE[/url]

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