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    Cowboys fans are in mourning as it feels like their 2018 playoff chances flat-lined after an embarrassing 28-14 loss to the Tennessee Titans on Monday night. Of course , there is plenty of football left to play as we are only at the midway point, but it’s the kind of football this team has been playing over the first half of the season that has us fans up in arms. Critics are lining up at the door and they have plenty to say about this Cowboys football team. On Tuesday morning, one of the critics was former Cowboys quarterback and Hall of Famer, Troy Aikman.Aikman has never shies away from telling us how he feels. As a broadcaster, that’s his job. Some fans think he’s lacking in the loyalty department or that he’s trying too hard to not come across as bias, but Aikman just calls things as he sees them and right now – he’s not very pleased with what’s going on in Dallas. On Tuesday, Aikman let his feelings be known…Complete overhaul of the entire organization? That’s not a slight change here or there like the Cowboys have done in the past, but rather like watching a cymbal-clanging monkey hit the reset button.So this would be the end of the Jason Garrett era. Aikman was teammates with Garrett in the ‘90s, but that’s never kept him from voicing his opinion about how the team is coached. But whether it’s Aikman, former coach Jimmy Johnson, or thousands of disgruntled fans, Garrett is oblivious to the outside noise and always has the same answer ready whenever people question his coaching.Cowboys fans will concur that over the years, this organization has come up empty as they try to recapture the greatness of the ‘90s Super Bowl teams. Several coaches have come and gone, including legendary coach Bill Parcells, but no one has been able to get this team past the divisional round of the playoffs. Aikman said it hasn’t always mattered who the head coach been so maybe his criticism is more directed at the fella who put him in the ring of honor, Jerry Jones.The front office has tried all types of approaches , from wild gambles in big trades to the slow, patience of building the team “the right way.” The team prides itself on always trying to get better, but are they? Monday night’s game was the epitome of all smoke and no fire when it comes to promises of a revamped performance. And Aikman points out out that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has plenty to sell, but never anything to show for it?I’m sure Cowboys fans would love the idea that someone other than Jerry was in control of the team, but to his credit, he’s really backed off in recent years. His son Stephen Jones manages the team’s salary cap and they are gradually improving in that department. Will McClay has done a great job bringing in talent as the team has drafted well in recent years. Are the Cowboys really not running the organization that well?This Cowboys team has problems. We all know that. But pinpointing it hasn’t been easy as we’re all over the place where we feel the blame should go. Maybe the answer lies with some new people making decisions in Dallas. This could mean Scott Linehan being relieved of his play-calling responsibilities. Or maybe it’s time for the removal of Garrett as we search for a new process. Or just maybe, it goes even higher than that? Troy Aikman seems to think so and after Monday’s performance, he is not alone. Over the years, the Dallas Cowboys have had some pretty big moments when they have traveled to Philadelphia to play their divisional rival. No team has played the Cowboys more times than Philadelphia, who have squared off a total of 118 times since Dallas entered the league in 1960, including four times in the playoffs. The memories are plentiful, whether they occurred at Veterans Stadium (1971-2003) or Lincoln Financial Field (2004-present). Sure, some of these moments aren’t pleasant. Remember when Barry Switzer went for it twice (and failed both times) on fourth down in their own territory late in the game? Emmitt Smith was stuffed, leaving the Eagles in position to kick the game-winning field goal for the 20-17 victory. Then, there was the winner-goes-to-the-playoffs game in the season finale of 2008, but that didn’t go so well for Tony Romo and company. The Cowboys lost that game 44-7 and ended their season in a disappointing fashion. And let’s not forget Michael Irvin’s final game where he suffered a career-ending neck injury. Eagles fans cheered when he was taken off the field. The Cowboys would lose that game Youth Allen Hurns Jersey , squandering a 3-0 start and finish the season with an 8-8 record. It was the end of the Cowboys dynasty as the Cowboys went 5-11 in each of the next three seasons.While those are terrible memories, there have been some really good ones. Throughout the years, what are your favorite road moments against the Eagles?Emmitt runs wildAfter sitting out in a contract dispute, Cowboys star running back Emmitt Smith missed the first two games of the 1993 season. Everyone was up in arms as the defending Super Bowl champs had gotten off to an 0-2 start without 22 on the field. Fortunately, Smith returned and the Cowboys went on to win seven straight on route to their second-consecutive championship. In the middle of that win streak was a trip to Veteran’s Stadium that featured an unstoppable Emmitt Smith. He would rack up a career-high 237 yards against the Eagles, setting a Cowboys franchise record (later broke by DeMarco Murray in 2011 against the Rams). It was a great display of imposing one’s will on an Eagles defense that just couldn’t stop him even though they knew it was coming.Wouldn’t it be great to see Ezekiel Elliott pull off something like that on Sunday night?No helmet, no problemThe Cowboys had a great season in 2007. It was Tony Romo’s first season as quarterback. It was Jason Garrett’s first year as offensive coordinator. Romo would break franchise records and the offense would put up the second-most points in franchise history at the time. They would also tie a franchise best of 13 wins, matching only Jimmy Johnson’s Cowboys of 1992.In the midst of this great season, the Cowboys would rout the Eagles 38-17. I can’t tell you much about this game, except that this happened…It was an iconic moment for Jason Witten and can be seen at The Star by all the players when they come off the practice field to remind them – the secret is in the dirt.Because of this play, the NFL changed the rules so that the play would be blown dead once the ball carriers helmet came off. They must’ve guessed that players wouldn’t have the audacity to keep running after their helmet came off. They guessed wrong.Pearson’s draft announcementThis isn’t an actual game so technically it doesn’t qualify, but it’s too enjoyable to not bring up an an honorable mention. You got to love Drew Pearson’s energy here, especially the part where he reminds the people of Philadelphia of how many Super Bowls the Cowboys have won. Well done, 88.What are your favorite Philadelphia moments? Custom Indianapolis Colts Jerseys

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