October 29th, 2012… Campaigner of the Week

It’s always such a great feeling to see others achieving things from their lists and today when I opened an email from one of our most enthusiastic campaigner’s called Michael, it wasn’t long before I was laughing out loud!

In short Micahel had just ticked off an item from his list, but this time he filmed it!

Here’s his story:

“It was time to tick another off the list. So I dusted off the leg warmers, leotard and knitted crop top to hit the dance floor. Yes, it’s number 71, be in a Flash Mob. Just for some background, the extent of my dancing is pulling off some bad 80’s moves in my ugg boots in the kitchen while my wife laughs (at me). Hardly performance worthy.

I joined a flash mob group online. We’d been invited by the organiser to perform ‘Thriller’ at her charity Halloween party…in two weeks.

We needed members and rehearsals quickly

I posted a request on facebook to join our flash mob….and who should reply? Sara Carless. Sara is a fellow West Aussie who has been actively ticking crazy things off her list. Naked Skydiving,  Zorbing and Ice Climbing to name a few. She’s an inspiring girl and number 34 on her list just happens to be: be in a Flash Mob.

Fast forward 2 weeks and we’ve got a solid ‘mob’ of 6. Lauren the flash mob organsier, Sara and her friend Elyshia, Sing Kan backpacking from Hong Kong, Dan who just happened to watch us rehearse the night before the party (and learn all the moves in 24 hours) and myself.

We’ve rehearsed, are dressed like zombies and are ready.

After meeting in the city and running through one final rehearsal behind some buildings (a tentative security guard came by to check us out…wouldn’t you be scared seeing a group of zombies practicing ‘Thriller’ in a dark alley?) we hit the Halloween Party. Only 4 of the 90 guests knew of our plan. We set it up with the DJ and when the music started, we hit the dance floor.



Being new to ‘Flash Mobbing’ I mistakenly thought if anyone else was dancing, they’d move to the side once they could see we were performing. I was wrong and had to push my way through the small but crowded dance floor. Half our mob was in the dark on the other side, so unfortunately they didn’t show up on the video, but despite a couple of imperfect elements, the results was awesome.  The crowd clapped and cheered for us at the end and we received lots of positive comments and pats on the back throughout the night.

I loved it. I made some new friends, learnt some great dance moves and will be flash mobbing again soon. I also realised that age really is no barrier. At 41, even I can learn to move (a little) like Michael Jackson.

Number 71, be in a flash mob. Tick

Cheers Seb.”

Absolute legend!

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