Your Story… Hani

1- What is your name?


2- What is your background/story

I live a very ‘normal’ existence – work, play, study, travel and repeat. I love the people around me, the privileges that I’ve been afforded and the fact that I can make decisions and be supported in whatever path I choose. I’m really, really lucky.

At 32 you’re supposed to be settled in your skin, wiser in your heart and mind, and apparently you should know what makes you happy. You can imagine my surprise when I discovered I wasn’t any of these things!

Don’t get me wrong, I was happy enough – just not that heart palpitating, stomach in knots, excited about life kind of happy. I wasn’t dreaming big or acting big and that didn’t sit well with me.

3- How did you hear about 100 Things

I stumbled upon 100 Things when I was looking for our next inspirational speaker for a conference at work. I was at an event before Seb went on stage and was really close to not showing up – so glad I made it!

4- What did you like about it?

The idea of 100 Things really hit home for me. It was very confronting to realise that I’d never really questioned what is was that I wanted from life or whether the path I was on was actually the one for me.

Hearing about what this seemingly ‘regular’ guy had achieved and the joy that he experienced just by being honest about what he wanted, I was inspired to honour my own life.

5- How did it effect you?

At the time of the talk I felt exposed, guilty that I’d wasted time and excited about the idea of making changes. I actually cried. It was overwhelming.

6- What did you do/what have you done?

I had two attempts at my list. The first one was very safe and still a little cautious about this new outlook on life. My actual list has less than 30 things on it but at least they are all important to me for one reason or another!

I’ve connected with some spectacular people on the website and it’s crazy how many of us share the same goals. What’s amazing is how willing everyone is to help each other out – it’s beautiful!

It’s weird how helping yourself makes you more capable of helping others. I’ve never organised fundraisers before, did any pro-bono work or put my ideas in the hands of strangers. I’ve done all of these things in the past year and loved every second of it.

7- How has it changed your outlook on life?

It’s flipped it on its head! I feel excited again and more driven to honour what’s important to me. This was never about the people in my life – they’re all amazing. This is all about reconnecting with myself and setting goals that will bring a smile to my face and make my heart sing.

It’s very empowering to know what you want and even if the direction changes on the surface, the core of what’s important is still there driving you.

I think I would have figured things out on my own eventually, 100 Things/Seb’s story just makes you get real with yourself immediately.

8- Do you have any tips or advice for anyone watching?

Find out what makes you tick and embrace it. Once you figure it out, everything falls into place and it’s like magic.

9- What have you learnt?

That you’re 100% responsible for your own journey and when you find what you’re after there are plenty of incredible people around to keep you on track, excited and accountable.

10- What’s next?

The thing I’m most excited about is getting down and dirty with some ink and writing. I’ve always loved to write and now I’m dedicating time to it, experimenting with different styles and best of all I’m working with a friend on a series of children’s books – I can’t wait to see her kids react when they read them for the first time!

Then I’ll be learning French (being in France in July will be a good start!) and heading back for some more singing lessons. Singing in front of a crowd is a biggy and is by far the most terrifying item on my list – wish me luck!


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