Campaigner of the Week- Simon… Finding a Home for Balu the Bear

Simon and Balu

It’s always incredible to see people throwing passion and energy at things that benefit other people. Having read this email from a 100 Things campaigner by the name of Simon this morning, I thought I’d spread his cause. I’ve never helped a bear before!

If you want to help out, all his details are at the bottom of the page.

“My names is Simon. For the last 2 years I have been travelling and working around the USA, Canada and South America having the best time of my life and ticking items off my list. So far I have managed to tick 8 items off my bucket list and still going strong.

At the start of the year I volunteered at an Animal Refuge in Bolivia, where I worked with monkeys and a bear called Balu. This place is absolutely unreal and the work the Park is doing is amazing. After seeing Balu live in such a small area and knowing that they are striving to raise much needed funds to build him a new home, I thought this was a great cause and opportunity to tick off another item.

Simon and Balu

Simon and Balu

My item is to run a marathon and raise $10,000 for charity. I have chosen the Melbourne marathon on October 13th of this year and Inti Wara Yassi as my charity who is raising the money for Balu’s house.

Please have a look at my page and read Balu’s story as well as both donate and share my page. Help me tick an item off my list and help Balu get a new home.



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