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It’s no secret that the most exciting thing about this new website is the ability it offers to Campaigners to interact and share their own story and goals.

In the last 6 months of the website being launched, the uptake has been huge and the goals and dreams that have been listed by people all over the world are not only amazing but on occasions completely selfless!

Here are just a few example of people aiming to make a real difference not just for themselves but also others. I’ll be sharing a few more stores through out the week:


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Conor and Boe

These guys are just awesome! After giving a talk at their school a few months ago, I received the following email from them telling me of their delightfully ambitious goals of not only breaking a Guinness World Record but also raising money for a worthy charity close to their hearts:

“Seb, After you spoken to my school I was inspired to start my own list just to see how it when but I never really was keen on starting it. Until I got a message from a good friend of mine boe, he asked me to attempt a world record with him. Breaking a world record is on my list so I decided yeah I want to do this.

After talking to boe we decided we should raise money for charity while we are doing this. We chose prostate cancer foundation of Australia due to both of our lives experiencing family members who got this cancer. That is another thing on my list, raise 10000$ for a charity which was again inspired by your list. 

We have been receiving a lot of support through the school as they are donating and encouraging us. We would firstly like to invite you to this event on 26th August. Here’s a video that we’ love you to help us promote”

Well boys, congrats on your ambition and here’s your video! If you’d like to donate to the boys or even attend their event (on the Central Coast, north of Sydney) please email me for details on



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Ryan Mistry

This guy is not only hairy but has a heart of gold! After meeting Ryan at a talk last year, Ryan reached out and told me of his goal to raise over $5000 for a kids cancer charity! If he reaches the $5000 mark, he promises to shave his impressively bushy beard and reunite with his chin. To help Ryan rid himself of his facial hair, check out his profile HERE


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Dave ‘Diamond’ Nixon

This is a man of considerable talent. A gym owner and ex MMA fighter, Dave decided last year not to drink for 12 months. This was no easy feat but he did it and in the process raised over $10,000 for Camp Quality! If this wasn’t enough, this year Dave is again raising money for Camp Quality by throwing a fitness challenge in Canberra (Australia) in August where he is trying to get a group of people to do as many Burpees as possible with local businesses donating money for each Burpee completed. To get involved check out Dave’s website!


Well done guys and best of luck!

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