Campaigners to Inspire Us All

Simply put; these guys are inspiring!

I can’t help but beam with pride as I see campaigners on the 100 Things website share and achieve their goals.

Today I thought I’d share the stories of three incredible people:


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James Thomas

James is a guy who in the last 2 years has been through a lot. The recent loss of his Mum on his 31st birthday triggered a change in him that he has embraced and in turn used for something incredibly positive. Identifying an urge to help others in a similar situation, James has just created a new foundation called ‘Feel the Magic’ aiming to take kids who have lost their parents to Disney Land. Wow.

Check out his profile and Facebook page HERE and watch James tell 3 lucky kids that he’s taking them to Disneyland below!




Shameme is a brave English girl who suffers from a rare disease called Central Core Myopathy. Affecting her life in significant ways, Shameme has one clear dream that she is passionately trying to achieve; to meet Justin Beiber (I don’t think I’ve met anyone with more conviction to a goal!).

Shameme sent me a detailed letter about her situation that she then posted on her profile page. Check it out HERE and if you know Justin (or someone who does), please let us know!

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James (Jono) Hopkirk

Jono is a bloke who actually volunteered his DJ’ing skills at a recent fundraising event I threw. Not having spoken to him in a while, I received an email from him last week telling me of his desire to help the mentally and physically handicapped being overlooked for help by authorities. Jono, you’re a legend for wanting to make a positive difference.

Check out his campaign HERE!

If you want to join the growing ranks of campaigners who are sharing and helping each other with their goals, why not sign-up today?


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