Face to Face with 100 Things….

(I wrote this 2 days ago whilst in Dubbo)

I write today from Dubbo. I arrived here knowing no-one but very quickly met someone who has made me smile.

Announcing on my site that I was coming to Dubbo to give a presentation about the 100 Things journey, I quickly received an email from a lady named Cheryl. Cheryl as it turns out has been following the 100 Things journey for a few years (ever since reading my book) and offered to meet up if I had any spare time. Thankfully I did and so only minutes after stepping off the plane, I was hugged by the generous Cheryl, a lovely mother of three, and given a driving tour of Dubbo.

These types of exchanges, or meet-ups, have become something I’ve come to love on this journey and I sit here after spending a day with Cheryl full of joy. I know that may sound a little cliche but it’s the truth. I’m so happy.

You see, Cheryl is an amazing lady who tells me that ever since making her own list (in the back of my book, originally), she has reached a state of happiness that is clear for all to see. Smiling as she told me of recent over seas trips involving meeting her first love, picking grapes in a winery, and spending New Years Eve in Las Vegas (to name but a few!), it’s not only her own level of happiness that has grown, but those around her.

One of Cheryl’s daughter has an extensive list also, and Cheryl’s mantra that ‘anything is possible when you commit to something‘ has rubbed off on her kids in the most infectious way.

At one point I was lost for words when she told me of all the people on the site that she had become friends with, even sharing that she has become best friends with a lady based in country Victoria.

“We all share goals and are brought together by that similar mindset. We speak everyday!”

Luckily I was able to get Cheryl into the talk that I gave earlier today and referencing her as I spoke, I have no doubt that she could stood up and inspired the entire room if given the chance.

I think more so than anything, today has again made me see in the flesh that this journey of 100 Things has actual real-life outcomes for real-life people outside of myself. I’ve said for a long time now that this is the future of my own journey, and it’s because of Cheryl’s hospitality, honesty and bravery that I sit here proud to be doing what I do.

What’s next for Cheryl? Well she’s off to Spain next month to tick off her next item; walk the Camino de Santiago trail. Having just looked at my site as I posted this article, I’ve noticed that she’s now looking to invite anyone else who might interested.

Is that you? If so, check out her group HERE!

Thanks for a great day Cheryl and well done on helping yourself and others.

100 Things… What’s on your list?

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