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We are excited to be partnering with the generous people at Motutere Bay Holiday Park, New Zealand, to give away an amazing New Zealand holiday for two people, valued at over $4000! We at 100 Things love to help people who deserve a helping hand and thanks to Daniel from Next Generation Holiday Parks who […]

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  • Happy 8th Birthday 100 Things!... Read More

    Today, June 9th, marks not just my own birthday but also the birthday of 100 Things. Eight years ago today I boarded a plane in Australia armed with a backpack and a list of 100 Things that I wanted to achieve. My destination was the world and my goal was to simply pursue happiness whilst hopefully finding out more about who I was.

    The journey so far has been incredible, far surpassing any expectations I may have had, and my life has changed. The interesting part though is that I’m not the only one who has benefited.

    I currently sit here in a cafe in Venice, CA, surrounded by the hustle and bustle of what is an extremely busy town. I live here now. I moved three weeks ago. Usually on milestone days like this people would be surrounded by family and loved ones but I suppose my reality is slightly different. My family and majority of friends are thousands of miles away in Australia and the people who currently surround me are complete strangers. I don’t know them and they they too have no idea who I am, let alone it being my birthday (insert violin sound)!

    Oddly though I know this is exactly where I need to be!


    As you may know, 3 weeks ago I decided to move to LA to pursue a dream that’s been building in my head over the last few years. It’s the latest development of the 100 Things movement and it revolves around philanthropy. Essentially, I believe that there’s any opportunity to make the world a better place by connecting people around the world in a way that’s not be attempted before. For years I’ve been following my heart and so I moved my life to LA is because I need help building this technology and I believe that the right people and business culture to help cultivate this idea live here. Sure the people around me right now are complete strangers, but each one of them at this very moment is passionately writing, conversing and dreaming. They all have different agendas but the drive to create and collaborate here in this town is like nothing I’ve experienced anywhere else. Here lays an eco-system of creative minds, entrepreneurs, and change makers all working together and if there’s a place in the world that my dream can be realised, I believe it’s here.

    So far, after only a number of weeks, I’ve seen this to be true and I’m stoked to say that the idea has progressed a lot so far.

    Now I won’t bore you with details around what I’ve been up to exactly but what I do want to share is a simple message I received on Facebook just a few weeks ago. On a day that I like to sit back and gain perspective on what is I do, this message couldn’t have come at a more apt time.  It’s from an American man who I don’t know. He saw my recent ESPN documentary which showcases the story of 100 Things and something happened to him that he chose to share with me;

    Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 9.33.40 am

    This man chose not to take his own life because of what he saw through the documentary.

    Of course I stopped in my tracks as soon as I read this man’s message and replied immediately. The ensuing conversation was one that I won’t share but I will say gave me a feeling of complete bliss, knowing that the flow-on effect of the very reason I’m sat alone here in LA is that someone chose life over death.

    I never set out for 100 Things to be known by anyone, let alone save any lives, but I know now that this journey stands for something so much bigger than ticking things from a list. It stands for hope, purpose and connection. The above example shows that not just can it enrich and give meaning to life, but it can also save lives.

    Knowing this, how can I stop? The answer is that I can’t. I won’t.

    I’d love to be at home today giving my Mum a big hug and thanking her for bringing me into the world, whilst also sharing a few beers with my sister and all my closest mates but I know deep down that I need to be progressing what’s in my head and because of this I’m happy to be sitting here in LA.

    This is where I need to be.

    Thank you to all of you who have supported and followed the unfolding story of the 100 Things, whether you’re a recent follower or someone who had been on the journey for years. It means so much to me. I’ve already received so many messages of good will from friends and strangers alike and I feel very loved.

    My promise to you is that I am trying my best to make an even bigger difference in this world and I will update you all on this very soon.

    In the meantime I urge you to ask yourself one simple question and it’s something the gentleman above asked himself on a road that’s already looking brighter for him, simply;

    What’s on your list?

    Thank you,

    Seb :)

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  • 100 Things: Operation Sydney Rabbitohs... Read More

    I was recently contacted by Jason who was wanting to help cheer up his Mum, Dianne.

    After a very tough life involving a challenging upbringing and a long battle with cancer, Dianne has just learnt that one of her other children has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

    Screenshot (88)

    Dianne is going through a lot right now and her son told me her one dream was always to go and watch her beloved NRL team, the South Sydney Rabbitohs, play a game in Sydney. So simple.

    Please click on the video below:

    Screenshot (85)

    So as I mentioned, Dianne lives in Orange (4hrs from Sydney) and I’m wondering if together we can help her:

    a) Secure some tickets to a Rabbitohs game
    b) Get her transport from Orange to Sydney (and back again) and
    c) Find her some accommodation for the night

    If I’m being cheeky surely we can also:

    d) Get her a meet and greet with the players!

    If you’d like to help Dianne finally realise this dream, please send an email to admin@100things.com.au.

    You guys are also awesome! Sending a big thanks in advance and I’ll update you on how we go shortly.

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  • Operation Going Home – success for Nic & her family... Read More

    Late March I put a call out to help a young lady called Nic whose Mum is terminally ill and living in remote NSW. Nic needed to get home to be at her mum’s side but fell upon hard times and on top of it all had a broken foot.

    Screenshot (44)

    The 100 Things Community came through once again and we managed to get a driver, a discounted removalist truck for the long journey from Coffs Harbour to Condobolin, people willing to help pack and unload the truck and cash donations.

    I want to say a special thank you to Steve Ellery, Kath Koschel, Gary Koschel and Anne Coffey who all played major roles in making Operation Going Home a success. Nic, her son and her Mum got to spend a beautiful Easter together as a family, eating lots of chocolate eggs!

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  • Rest in Peace Ken... Read More

    I would like to send my love and support to Ken’s family after his recent passing. I was fortunate enough to help Ken achieve his dream of meeting and watching his beloved Essendon AFL team one final time (they won for him too!) and the video of this story reminds me of the importance of creating meaningful goals as well as the power of giving.

    Click on the picture below to view the video.

    Screenshot (72)

    This day came about through strangers on the 100 Things platform coming together to help a deserving stranger and a huge well done to them all including Nora, Michael, Sarah, Sue as well as the entire Essendon FC organisation. RIP Ken.

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  • 100 Things ESPN Documentary... Read More

    I’m still pumped after watching ’The List’, the 100 Things Documentary that premiered on ESPN Sports Centre last Sunday in the USA! Never in a million years did I think the story of a bloke and his list would turn into a movement that helps people around the world.

    Click on the picture below to watch the doco….
    I apologise for those that don’t want to see me skydive naked!

    Screenshot (79)

    Thanks to ‘OC” the producer and the entire ESPN crew for sharing the love and showing that it’s not about just my list but the helping aspect of what I do and the wider community! Also a big thanks to my little sister Pascale, Mark and Shonee who also feature in there too!

    By connecting with ourselves I believe we’re then able to connect with others and ultimately the world becomes a better place. The ripple effect of 100 Things is truly humbling I’m looking forward to what’s ahead.

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