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Posted by Sarah, 100 Things Project Guru We would love you to be a part of the 100 Things team on the 14th of August in one of Sydney’s most iconic events – the 2016 City2Surf! This event is one that often appears on people’s list so why not take the opportunity to tick this […]

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  • Helen- A LOSS – A LESSON – A LEGACY... Read More

    Two weeks ago you’ll remember that I was put in touch with a lovely lady named Helen. A bubbly 55 year-old sadly given 6 months to live due to bowel cancer, Helen shared with me over the phone her final wish of wanting to touch snow for the first time in real life. This simple wish inspired me to start Operation Snow Bunny where I asked the 100 Things community one question; can we help Helen accomplish her goal?

    Within the space of 5 days we were completely blown away with your generous response which saw $3,500 donated to a Snow Bunny kitty as well as flights, accomodation, transport and even some Schnapps (Helen had a dream of drinking Schnapps in the snow).

    The love and support from complete strangers around the world was overwhelming and over the last few weeks Helen told me how thankful and humble she was. She said that Operation Snow Bunny had given her drive to fight and made her smile even from the confines of the hospital bed that she was re-admitted to, two weeks ago.

    Helen’s dream snow trip was scheduled for this weekend in Thredbo, Australia. Her plan was to contact every single person and say thank you herself after the time.

    It’s with a heavy, heavy heart though that I have to now share that two days ago I received news from Michael her husband telling me that Helen had passed peacefully.

    Having spoken with Michael and of course sending him and his family my best on behalf of everyone, I have his permission to share the news as a way of him saying thank you to everyone who donated and sent their thoughts. You made more of a difference than you’ll ever know.

    We’re all so saddened by this loss. The idea that a special lady was unable to fulfil her last wish is something that pains me personally but I am heartened by knowing that in a period where all the odds had stacked up against one person, she was happier because of the actions of those involved in Operation Snow Bunny.

    Although she never made it to the snow in person, the dream was within touching distance.

    In the words of Helen, the generosity of this community instils faith in humanity.


    At a time where life draws to a close you might think that someone would recoil from optimism and focus only on darkness. Helen did the opposite. She dared to dream and by doing so allowed us to do the same.

    One of the hardest things to do in life can be to accept help but she did this with grace and positivity.

    It was her nephew Adam who initially contacted me to share Helen’s predicament and he spoke so highly of a loved one who deserved the opportunity to fulfil her dream.

    In her last days Michael told me that her spirits were high and that she had reached a place of peaceful closure. She was smiling.

    Without knowing it, Helen sparked a movement through her own positive attitude, one that provided an opportunity for people to do good. We all innately want to help others and she allowed us a moment to prove to each other that we can. Thankfully, we responded.

    The Legacy

    To end our conversation Michael told me that before Helen became unresponsive to those around her, they discussed what would happen to all the donated money if she was unable to get to the snow. With all of the financial considerations that would loom at times like this, it turns out that Helen’s final wish was not to look after herself but actually to help someone else out; she has asked that the money be put towards helping the next person that I’m able to find.

    Helen you are just amazing and I promise to do this on your behalf. I think I speak for everyone who has heard of this story and thank you for being such an inspiration. I know you’ll rest in peace.

    With that said I think it’s the perfect time to start looking for the next deserving person. If you know of someone who deserves a helping hand in achieving a dream, please let me know.

    I think something very special is starting to happen.

    To all those who in some way supported this Operation Snow Bunny I want to say a huge thanks. You inspire me to keep going and together we will change the world.

    Our thoughts are with Helen’s family.

    People Helping People… Pass it on

    Sebastian :)

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  • 100 Things Turns 7 Years Old- Growth?... Read More

    Last week I delivered my keynote presentation to a group of university students in Sydney, Australia. Sharing with them stories and messages that I’m fortunate enough to share on stages around the world, we ended the evening with a Q&A session.

    When I do a Q&A I typically get these questions first;

    ‘What’s your favourite thing that you’ve done?’, ’What are you going to do when you finish all 100 Things?’, and ‘How do you afford to do what you do?’. This Q&A was no different but after answering these initial questions in order it was the next comment that caught my attention;

    “Why is it important for us to grow as people?”

    I’d never been asked this.

    During my presentation I talk about the concept of growth and ways in which I believe we’re able to do so (a conversation for another time) but it was the WHY part of the question that excited me.

    Why is it that we need to grow?

    On a day that recognises growth in a numerical way (Happy 7th birthday 100 Things!), I think this question offers a refreshing opportunity to look beyond the blowing out of candles on a cake.

    Growth goes deeper than tangible concepts calibrated by milestones such as birthday cards and height, growth is an ever changing yard stick on how we relate the world.


    Firstly; I’d hate it if this was it. Waking up today knowing that I’m as developed as I’ll ever be is a concept that scares me. I’ll probably be around for another 56 years (a fortune teller once told me I’d die at 91 years old!) and I’d like to think I’ll have more to share at that point than what I do now.

    From growth comes a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. From understanding comes a platform to form progressive thoughts and ideas, shaping ambition and feeding our innate desire to explore. Add to the above a decision to take action and growth ultimately equals change.

    Without change in a fast moving environment, we get left behind, living in caves. Growth therefore is important not just to ourselves but to those around us. It’s what allows mankind to progress.

    Seven years ago I left Australia with my list of 100 things on a personal journey which I hoped would simply make me happier. In that time 100 Things has organically developed into a movement that engages people around the world to consider and chase their dreams. Somehow this message has transcended an online audience and has been found in books and on television screens around the world (G’day everyone in the USA, I hope you’re enjoying my show!) with the result leaving many more people than just myself smiling.

    Through observing first my own emotions and learnings and then acknowledging those of others I’ve been able to twist and turn at will, using my strengths and naivety to allow this story to grow as needed in an ever changing environment.

    Over the last few years I’ve received emails from many people around the globe telling me that 100 Things has in fact saved their lives. It’s a far cry from me marrying a stranger in Vegas (#2 on the list). This, I’m proudly sharing with you today, makes me feel like growth has definitely taken place and my word does it feel good.

    On the constantly morphing wave of life, growth gives us speed and manoeuvrability so we can navigate and enjoy it. Ultimately it’s a choice, but it’s days like today that remind me that growth should not be seen as an option but rather a duty.


    I owe it to me.

    I owe it to you.

    We owe it to each other.


    A friend told me recently that every 7 years our physical body completes a cycle of regeneration, so on a day that celebrates not just the 7th birthday of 100 Things but also my own 35th birthday, I guess my body should be freshly upgraded. Hopefully that’s not the only way I grow today.

    This constant challenge intrigues me.

    So how do we grow? Well let’s discuss this soon but simply considering the concept is a good start. What could you do today that will leave you a better person tomorrow?

    What’s on your list?

    Let’s help each other grow…

    Thanks so much for all your support and energy over the last few years.

    Sebastian :)

    100 Things… What’s on your list?

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  • Helen’s Final Wish Success: Who’s Next?... Read More

    Update: Operation Snow Bunny
    We Did It!

    This is why I do what I do.

    Just 7 days after hearing the story of a stranger named Helen (here’s the backstory) and her final wish of wanting to touch snow in real life, the 100 Things community has come together and I’m so proud to say that we’ve managed to arrange the ultimate snow getaway fro Helen and her husband. 

    With doctors telling Helen that there is nothing more that they can do to treat her cancer, I was fortunate enough to call Helen last Friday with some good news! In 1 week, complete strangers from the 100 Things community have raised over $3,500 cash as well as donating flights, accommodation, transport and everything in between.

    Helen’s Official Letter

    Helen’s trip will take place over the June 25th weekend and will see her and Michael (her husband) drop into Sydney for one night of pampering before being flown to Thredbo so that Helen can finally touch snow in real life. Just quietly she also shared her dream of wanting o drink Schnapps in the snow and so we’ve also been able to arrange that!

    I will update you all with some photos of Helen achieving her dream later this month but for now I wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who contributed in some way, shape or form. If you donated money, a service or even just shared the campaign which I started last week- thanks! To those who simply just smiled when they read this- thanks to you too.

    100 Things is a community of good people helping one another and fittingly in a week that see us celeberate 7 years since I started this journey, yet again i’m filled with a sense of optimism that the world is full of amazing people.

    Who Can we Help Next?
    The obvious question…

    Of course with the release of the 100 Things TV show in the US that sees me helping strangers throughout the US & Europe achieve their dreams, it’s no secret that 100 Things is all about helping people help people. As such after Helen’s amazing story I think it makes complete sense to find someone else who we can help!

    It’s clear that we all want to help (I had to turn the donation page off after people kept donating to Helen after we’d already reached our target!) so this story is about shining a light on others who need help so that we can do what we’ve all been put here to do- HELP ONE ANOTHER.


    So if you (or someone you know!) has a dream that you need a helping hand with, please email us on:

    The dream could be absolutely anything, anywhere with anyone- the only pre-requisite is that the individual/group genuinely needs help. 

    Over the years I’ve helped people who are remote, struggling with life or even needing to be re-inspired, and in every instance the story when shared is one that makes everyone smile.

    As always thanks for your support and I look forward to sharing with you who it is that we help next. Hopefully you’ll be able to assist.

    What’s on your list?

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  • INVITE: 7th Birthday Group Skydive... Read More

    Celebrate 7 years of 100 Things by jumping out of plane with me!

     In 3 weeks time, on June 9th, 2016, 100 Things turns 7 years old! Coincidentally it also signifies my own birthday and in wanting to celebrate a journey that has grown into an inspiring community of like-mined people, I thought it would be fitting to arrange an event where people could join me in ticking off an item from their list.

    On June 9th, 2009, I jumped on a plane and left Australia carrying only a list of 100 Things and a dusty backpack. My goal was try and find more purpose and meaning to my life.

    The story from that point is one you probably know. Needless to say, it’s been eventful.

    As such, here is your invite.



    If SKYDIVING is something you’ve always dreamed of doing (or something you’d like to do again), please join me on Saturday, June 18th, in Sydney!


    June 18th, 2016

    Meet time:

    10:40am @ Sydney Skydivers Lounge (196 Elizabeth St, Sydney)

    Jump Address:

    Sydney Skydivers (745 Picton Rd, Picton NSW 2571)

    *Team Bus will transport us to/from Skydivers Lounge*


    $299 (includes Transport & $20 donation to Make-A-Wish Australia)

    How to Book:

    If you are interested in coming along, please reply to this email or email our fantastic Sarah on

    The plan for the 18th June is that we will meet at the Sydney Skydivers Lounge at 10.40am for a tea or coffee and check-in. We will depart at 11am sharp and will be transferred to Picton for the jump!

    Depending on the weather and size of the 100 Things group the transfer should get us back to the Sydney Skydivers Lounge at approximately 4pm. It will take a good half day!

    Sydney Skydivers will have video and photos of your dive should you wish to purchase after your jump.

    This will be an epic TICK from your list and doing it alongside like-minded people on a significant day for 100 Things will make it even more special!!

    You can also register your interest by joining our

    Facebook Skydiving Event Page 

    See you soon.

    100 Things… What’s on your list?

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  • Let’s Help Helen: OPERATION SNOW BUNNY... Read More

    Yesterday I received a message from a bloke called Adam that stopped me in my tracks. His message was about his auntie, Helen- he wanted to help her.

    Helen is a courageous 55 year old lady who after battling Chrones disease since the age of 19 was more recently diagnosed with Bowel Cancer.

    Helen’s ongoing struggle is only matched by her persistent bravery but after receiving treatment for her cancer for the last two and half years, she has been told this week that there is nothing more that can be done for her.With the sobering news that she probably only has around 6 months left, last weekend she threw a party for her family so that they could all be together one last time.

    Adam’s message then read:

    “So I was talking to her about life and it turns out that she’s always dreamt of seeing snow in real life but has never done it! I want to try and help her achieve this goal and so I thought I’d reach out to you.”

    Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 10.16.23 AM

    Helen & husband Michael

    Sometimes in my life something is put in front of me that makes everything else seem unimportant and so I called up Adam to tell him I was going to help!

    After chatting for ten minutes, Adam gave me Helen’s number and immediately I called her up to say hello and send some positive energy.

    As it happened, Helen is one of the most bubbly and optimistic people you’re likely to meet. After telling me the sad details of her growing tumour and her life long battle with Chrones, she then told me in no uncertain way that even though doctors have stopped her chemo treatment she is going to prove them all wrong with her mindset!

    “It’s made me appreciate life”

    Helen is awesome!

    I then asked her about her dream and she replied;

    “Well I’ve just always wanted to go and play in the snow. I’ve never seen snow and I want to know what it feels like in real life ! My dream is for me and my husband to visit snow for just a few days and I’ve also always wanted to drink Schnapps in the snow too. I just want to be a snow bunny!”

    Speaking to someone like Helen always makes me smile. To see someone turn a dark situation into an opportunity to pursue something as bright as chasing a dream is inspiring and I feel so fortunate to be in a position where I can help.

    So…… I’m going to help Helen and I’m wondering whether you’d like to help, too?!


    Essentially I think Helen deserves to live out her dream of being a snow bunny and so I think arranging a romantic little snow getaway for her and husband would be incredible.

    The Basics:

    International travel for Helen is tricky and so I am looking to send Helen and her husband from their home on the Gold Coast to either Perisher or Thredbo. This will requires some flights and potentially a hire car.

    Once there Helen’s one goal is to be able to play in the snow. Skiing is not crucial.

    We’re going to need accommodation for 2 nights somewhere and of course a bottle of Schnapps is crucial!


    Well outside of the above basics, I’m sure we can add on some little surprises too so if you have any thoughts, ideas please let me know on

    I’ve helped many people achieve goals before and it’s this act of helping that makes us all better people. If you have any contacts, ideas or other means that would help Project Snowbunny, please let me know.

    I’ve also set up a GoFunMe account where I’m trying to raise $3000 to help Helen’s dream come true. Any help is appreciated :) Thanks!


    Please contact me personally on

    I have a feeling that this is going to be quite special!

    Helen by the way doesn’t know that I’m reaching out to my community and isn’t expecting anything other than well wishes, so if you’re unable to help with any of the above please just send some good energy her way!

    Feel free to share this post too.

    Thanks in advance and i’ll keep you posted!

    Seb :)

    #HelpHelen #projectsnowbunny #whatsonyourlist

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