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In February three complete strangers got together to help grant the wish of a deserving 13 year old girl. Her dream was to have a wolf mural on her wall and her Mum secretly contacted me for help. Here’s what happened including the surprise moment when she opened her door to see her dream come true! […]

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    Last Thursday, Channel 7 aired my most recent helping project – Operation Animal Warrior. Rheece, is an 18 year old who has autism, an intellectual impairment and a rare disease called Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension (IIH) which causes raised pressure within the skull, putting pressure on the brain.

    Rheece’s dream is to work with animals! After being contacted by Rheece’s Mum Michelle, I reached out to my amazing community - check it out below:

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    A big thanks to Pascale from World Animal WarriorsTaronga Zoo and Channel 7 for helping with this epic day!

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    Over the last few months there’s been a big surge in momentum with people reaching out to me asking for help with specific goals.

    Now of course at this point I can’t help everyone (although I’m working on it!) but I do try and help as many people as possible.

    One such email was from a friend of a family who really deserved some good news. Chantelle wrote to me recently and told me the story of Bailey, a young 18 year old man who’s been diagnosed with the degenerative Leukodystrophy disease. Affecting his mental and physical state, Bailey is unfortunately on the decline and the family is understandably going through some tough times.

    At a time where they’d be forgiven for pressing pause on everything, Bailey’s love of cooking has never slowed down and more than ever he helps his Mum in the kitchen. Not only is Bailey fascinated by cooking but his one dream is to meet TV celebrity chef Manu Feildel. Baileys favourite TV show of course is My Kitchen Rules and his impression of Manu is something that makes everyone laugh.

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     In what was one of the best stories for me in a very busy year, yesterday I got to reveal on Channel 7’s The Morning Show the power of strangers helping strangers, This will leave you on a high.

    Thanks to Channel 7 for following the story and an even bigger thanks to Nora Hunter for making the contact with the unbelievably generous Manu. Brave Bailey got to tick off his ultimate dream!

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    Last week I was again invited to share some 100 Things stories on Channel 7’s ‘Weekend Sunrise’ show with awesome hosts Andrew O’Keefe and Monique Wright.

    It’s always nice to do interviews as it’s a great platform to try and encourage people to start their lists and even help each other out.

    Over the years I’ve been typically approached to share ‘crazy’ stories from my list and so now I do try and make a point of sharing the stories of helping others, which is a far better representation of what 100 Things is now.

    No matter what we end up talking about though I was not prepared for the last question that Andrew asked me and I’m still red faced at what is possibly the most cringe-worthy piece of television that I’ve been involved in! Enjoy! Haha!

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    As an aside, I’ve also teamed up with Channel 7 next week to help a young boy with a terminal illness achieve his dream of meeting a certain TV celebrity chef. This magical moment will be shown on The Morning Show on December 15th.

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    In November I got an email from a lovely bloke called Michael. It turned out that Michael is a producer from ESPN, the huge sports TV network in the US, and he asked if I wanted to make a documentary with them!

    It’s funny how these things tend to pop up out of nowhere but of course I said a big fat YES!

    The most exciting thing for me though is that ESPN don’t want to focus on me and my list, instead they are fascinated with the way in which 100 Things now helps people around the world. As such we’ll actually be filming a helping project of a brave young women who reached out to me lately! I can’t wait.

    So as it turns out, an American crew are flying out to Sydney to film the documentary in January and it is scheduled to air late April/early May 2017! Needless to say I can’t wait to share it with you.

    Watch this space…


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    Just a few years ago I took a group of 16 complete strangers to hike the Kokoda Trek in Papua New Guinea. This adventure would be the first of what has now been seven 100 Things Group Trip….. and it was epic.

    When we crossed the finish line after 7 days of trekking I noticed that everyone shed a tear which intrigued me and so that evening over a few celebratory beers I asked everyone why it was they became so emotional upon finishing the journey. The generic answer went like this:

    ‘It felt so special to throw myself successfully at a goal that I wasn’t entirely sure I’d be able to complete. I can’t believe how capable I am and now I can’t wait to throw myself at my next goal!’

    The trip had been not just a bloody good time, but on a deeper level a transformative experience, helping those involved to realise a dream. This to me was special; 100 things was truly helping people on levels I never thought it could.

    Just three weeks ago, I returned from our most recent group trip, this time to Everest Base Camp and like all of the previous 6 trips- it was epic. Joined by 15 legends as we climbed to over 5,300 metres in altitude within the majestic Himalayan ranges, I couldn’t help but smile in the knowledge that yet again dreams were being realised with every step of the journey.

    From landing at the worlds most dangerous airport at Lukla (a tiny landing strip impossibly carved into the side of a mountain!) and crossing 140 metre high rope bridges, to meeting Yaks and even battling severe food poisoning, the trip like the mountains that surrounded us, had the ups and downs that every good experience needs.


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    To Junior (3rd 100 Things trip), Josh (2nd 100 Things trip), Jess, Chris, Jimmy, Tom-Tom, Sara, Blahsy, Misty, Micko, Pascale, Janet, Declan and Matty- well done and thanks for creating a great experience for all involved. It’s something I won’t forget.

    So with 7 trips in total now taking us to Machu Picchu, Mount Kilimanjaro, an Indian ashram, a Cambodian Orphanage, Antarctica and most recently Base Camp, you may be wondering where we’re off to in 2017?


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